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  1. I was able to get in touch with someone in the warranty dept. They sent me a new ECU, i installed it yesterday. Now it runs great,over 40mph no problem.
  2. Tom I am with you 100% . It runs great just not past 24mph. I have sent several e-mails, No response. I will try calling today.
  3. Mine is still stuck at 24 mph. I did read how to get trouble codes. Got two codes 13 and 51. I just need to find out what those codes stand for. If anyone knows please get back to me
  4. I did change oil, no change. It is hitting the rev limit when in gets to 23, no slipping of clutch it will pull a hill with no problem just will not go any faster than 23. Took it out today put a few more miles on it when I got to 75 miles it did better, now I can get 24mph before the rev limit .
  5. I can not figure this out. I can get the same speed in high or low range. Rpm in high is 4500 in low range it is 7000. same speed. I use it on my small farm but some time I will go to the river to fish or visit friends several miles away. I am not a kid trying to tear things up I am a 70 yo disabled Vietnam Vet. I would just be happy at 30mph. I sent e-mail to factory but never got a response. My local service dealer is closed over this viris scare. Any help would be welcome.
  6. I have a new Buck 400 with about 60 miles on it. It runs great but can only get it up to 23mph. Is this normal? If not what speed are others gettting.

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