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  1. Massimo called me back today, they said the circular black tube IS the intake tube so you were correct! Also the rectangular tube coming from crank case is a normal breather tube so all is normal and my cart is running great as of now. So my post and worries were for nothing, atleast the next noob can see this.
  2. Thanks for response, yes it could be that crossed my mind. Is that normal for intake to be open into engine like that?
  3. I just bought a new buck 400x golf and just signed up to this forum. Lots of good info and glad to be here. I took off seat to see the engine and noticed a black circular pipe just sitting exposed leading to the engine bay. As well as a rectangular pipe coming off crank case and possibly even an electrical harness or two with nothing obvious to plug them into? Does anyone have the buck 400x golf and take a picture or look in their engine bay and let me know if this is normal or if there is something missing on my cart. I reached out to massimo and let them know that it was unus

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