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  1. I have a Massimo 2019 Buck 400 and the wet clutch uses the engine oil . The transmission and final drive both use gear oil
  2. I worked in Lafayette, New Iberia and Houma for Big Red my Job as Auditor for Hazardous materials from 1982 to when I retired in 1997 and didn't let them gators bother me either Did a lot of fishing. several times I had to swing around some of the big ones when they decided to warm themselves on the road or just slowly walk across the road.
  3. My Buck 400 holds 1.4 Qts. and I figure it was prudent to use the other half Qt to mix with the small residual anount the vacuum would not pick up. since I buy 2 Qts for an oil change, I didn't want to contaminate the sump with other oil than what should be put into the engine, , I figure on the third oil change I wil go under and pull the drain plug and clean the screen.
  4. This is what you have. To do an oil change without trying to pull the drain plug and it's attached oil screen, pull the dipstick and use a short handle 7/8" open end wrench to unscrew the dipstick bushing from the aluminum engine sump casting, yes the shifting cable is in the way, be careful not to break the shifting cable housing. I used an oil change suction pump (12 volt) to suck out the used oil, added a half Qt of new oil to mix with the residual old oil in the sump and then use the suction pump to suck out the half Qt of new oil and the residual old oi,. Since you will only need a Qu
  5. Is this with the old solenoid? I
  6. A good strong fully charged battery that is tested with this type of tester should read around 13.6 volts with no load and hold 12 volts under load, and return to 12.8 volta or more unless it has a bad cell or a bad terminal. $37.xx on Amazon
  7. Okay, Maybe it ain't the STARTER! Maybe you havent checked all the possibilities; Battery dead cell Batteries are cheaper than starters, and often go bad. Bad connectioin to solinoid, start switch Poor ground? Did you ever switch batteries? or boost the battery, or bypass the battery cable with a booster cable, or maybe your flywheel is bad. Kawasakies have way too many electronic safety things, some of them could be intermittened
  8. From what I am seeing the 4 wd switch engages and disengages the front wheel drive, and maybe it don't work when the transmission is in REVERSE?
  9. Massimo Tech? could that be an oxymoron term for a person that bolts wheels onto a Chinese crate job?
  10. Sorry to disappoint you about the rear "differential" There is NO DIFFERENTIAL in the rear! The rear end is just a ring gear and pinion, If you doubt what I am saying jack up both rear wheels and with the shifter in neutral and the parking brake off, spin one wheel, if the opposite wheel turns the same direction as the one you are spinning there is no differential when you turn, the wheels slide around the corner, both at the same speed
  11. Actually a full battery should show 13.6 +or- VDC so you are ok, just need to use a load battery checker to see if your battery puts out the volts and amps it is supposed to.
  12. About whether there is a "locking differential" on their UTV?????? There is so much misinformation appearing here from folks that don't have any idea what they are posting, check it out for yourself rather than jumping on the smart phone or computer and asking questions.
  13. After starting in neutral let the engine RPMs drop below 2000 before shifting into gear.
  14. Does it ever turn the engine over at all ? If not pull the sparkplug out to relieve the compression and try the starter, I bet it may be the battery, cable or solinoid . Hey, I am over 80 years old been working on cars and trucks ever since I was a pup. I rebuilt the engine on my 1930 Ford model A when I was 12, and I still got stymied with a 12 volt battery with some bad cells. and a leaking carb float valve that filled my single cylinder engine's cylinder with gasoline (guess what....gasoline don't compress) while it was parked for a month. I have been learning new stuff fore

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