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Coleman, Rural King, HiSun 550 fuel filter advice

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Need advice on a fuel filter.  This is a 2019 Coleman 550 Outfitter.  Manual said to change fuel filter.  Mine was assembled without a inline filter between the in tank fuel pump and the injector.  I called Coleman, they told it was supposed to have a fuel filter.  They sent me a metal inline filter and two clamps.  The fuel line has what looks like an aluminum outer cover.  I’m assuming the fuel line is a rubber one.  Before cutting the line I looked at the metal fuel filter to see the direction of flow.  Nothing marked on the filter.  I called Coleman.…. They couldn’t help me, even after speaking to a Tech rep.   It’s fuel injected, so I don’t want to screw this up.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Should I throw this filter away, and buy something else?  I have replaced plenty of fuel filters on lawn mowers etc, but all were clear plastic, with directional arrows.  Since this fuel injected, I’m thinking I must ypuse the special clamps, that require special pliers to tighten, and I might need a pressure capable filter?



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I can't even find a picture of that filter online to look at. What Size fuel lines are on it?

I would get a Wix 33972 which is a 5/16" hose size,  They're used on several Kubota UTV's which are fuel injected and Pressured systems. all you need is a good old fashioned hose clamp on each side.

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Thanks Travis.  Here’s a photo of what they sent me.  It’s a painted steel canister in-line filter.  No directional indicator.  There is a paint pen check mark looking symbol, but it’s pointing to a direction perpendicular to the fuel flow.   The manual is poorly written and certainly covers obsolete and different models all jumbled into one.  Many contradictions in it too.  So far it’s runs fine, and I’m happy with it.  I don’t work it too hard, nor belly it in mud pits.  Just over 50 hours on it.  
thanks for your help.  



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Thanks T Boss 410.  When I called Coleman, they put a tech rep on the line.  He didn’t really have any answers for me.  I asked him about pressure and flow direction.  First he said the filter would have a check valve in it (it doesn’t on the one they sent me) .  Then I asked about the pressure, and he thought the filter should need to take 55lbs.  I thought injected engines, need the pump pump pressure, flow rate of filter and injector matched, for proper functioning….  

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Hmmm, kinda concerning that the tech didn't know what type of fuel filter, fuel pressure, etc. Maybe there is a manual on this site that will be better suited to your application. Mine has a fuel filter mounted on the frame a little bit away from the fuel tank. It definitely doesn't look like that. It's similar to a filter for a car or truck with fuel injection,  only smaller. Maybe someone else here with a similar model can offer some assistance. Personally, I would be very curious about why it was manufactured without a fuel filter, unless the filter is in the tank?

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So here is a thought. You may want to take it to a reputable UTV dealer and have them change it. I would recommend a HiSun dealer or qualified service center since it appears HiSun makes all these models.  At least if they don’t do it correctly they will be responsible for making it right.

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Don't give up!  Call them.  I had a similar issue.  Lowes in my area had a bunch to sell and when I asked them about service they had no clue.  So I researched and found two nearby. 

Here's the main head quarters contact info off their website:

PHONE: 972-446-0760
FAX: 972-446-0765
MON - FRI 8:30AM-5:30PM CT

I had an issue with the front servo actuator getting stuck in 4 wheel.  Found a place within 30 miles, which was a  Cub Cadet dealer, took it to them and they ordered the parts and fixed it within 2 weeks. I have no idea where you're located but if push comes to shove you can contact the place I use in Taylors, SC. :

Ferguson Equipment Co
Service Center
55 Ed Few Rd.
Taylors, SC 29687


Good Luck!

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