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Mossimo 500efi stalls then won’t start


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Mossimo 500 efi utv stalls  after startup loads up real bad. After it clears up it runs fine. Then kill it it might start but have to feather pedal. Fouls plug , Unhook injector, and fuel pump , replace plug, hit it with startin fluid till it starts. Plug all back in. Good for a bit. Cleaned 02 sensor, injector,map sensor, idle control valve, set valves, please tell me what I’m missing  any and all help appreciated. 

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After hooking up fuel pressure gauge had 80 psi one time then 60 and bleed off to 20. Replaced injector and map sensor good to go. Injector leaking off flooding cylinder at any given shutdown. Then wouldn’t start again till plug change. 

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You choose a SXS that is not popular, and few people own them, compared to others. It probably has a Delphi fuel injection system, like Odes uses on it's Comrade, which is plagued with problems. You cannot go into the electronics and tune the injection system, as you can on others. I know on the Odes, they changed every part in the whole system, on the POS that I bought. In the end, under threat of a going to court under Texas Lemon Law, they refunded my full purchase price. They could make mine run 100% better, but they could never get a miss out of it and make it run smooth. Good luck with the unit you bought. I will never buy a cheaper alternative to anything again. My new Yamaha Viking rocks!

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