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2013 Odes Dominator 800 UTV won’t start


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I am having a problem my 2013 Odes Dominator 800.  I have changed the spark plugs, cleaned the air filter and fuel filter. The battery is new and the motor turns over. If I use a touch of starting fluid, it starts up and runs great. Even after running for a while and being warmed up, it still will start again. I was wondering if anybody would have an idea if I have an electrical problem or a fuel problem.  Thanks!

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    • By Kirk Falk
      I have a 2018 Dominator LT 1000 and I am wanting to stiffen up the ride.  What is the best way to accomplish this, tighten the recoil spring up or add air to the shock.  I can't find any information on the procedure.  Also, since im asking questions........my top end rpms doesnt seem to be where it should be.  Max RPM is 6100 and usually drops down to 5800 maxed out.  Im just wondering if everyone else has the same experience.
      Kirk Falk

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