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  1. Hi Jhen - I ordered the rear dif from your contact in China. They turned around my oder and the dif in on the way via UPS. It looks legit and I hope the part matches up. I appreciate you tip. Here is the China info in case other want to buy from them. Bob Qiao Sales Manager Website: http://www.klung-motor.com Follow us on Facebook.com http://www.facebook.com/klungindustry Bob Qiao on Facebook.com http://www.facebook.com/qiao.bob Payment by Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/klungmotor Email:[email protected] QQ:[email protected] skype:bill122588 Mobile and whatsapp:0086-18067895850 TEL;0086-570-3350186 Klung Industry Co.,ltd. No.167,Xian Road,kecheng District,quzhou City,Zhejiang Prov.,P.R.China 324000
  2. Hi Jhen ! Thank you for the tip and for noting that I needed to be more specific....I need a "REAR Dif." I have emailed the contact in China at [email protected] and hope to get a response. I agree a NEW dif may be better than repairing the broken dif. I have already had the rear dif repaired once before but it broke again. I think I am trying to tow too much weight. I notice in the manual that the part is referred to at the "rear reducer. " Hopefully this is the write part? Thanks! Kevin
  3. Hi ya all, My Joyner Diff is busted. Any leads on a mechanic who can rebuild it ...or replace it? I can seem to find anyone. Thanks!!!!! JNSZ650UV
  4. Hi folks - how about a Camando 650 rear diff and axel ?
  5. Hi folks- HELP I trashed the rear diff and axel I got a new parts quote of $2500. That's out of my budget. Can you tell me where to get used or rebuilt or any other opinions to get back out there?

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