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  1. Bob1

    New Trooper Rear Diff

    no sorry i'm not him. I live just a few miles from Lenny in St. George UT. I have a T4 with a custom fox long travel suspension and rear with most if not all the little fixes complete. Next will be a turbo in the next couple of months. I should have intruduced myself i've been over to Lenny's a couple of times to check out his rig.
  2. Bob1

    New Trooper Rear Diff

    ya that's him. the diff was 400 and shipping 150 for a total for 550.
  3. Bob1

    New Trooper Rear Diff

    Ya the diff is identical to the origanial. This is the website http://www.klung-motor.com . It supposedly desn't need the lenny's diff upgrade. It does feel tighter. shipping took about 2-3 week can't remember for sure.
  4. FYI.. Just installed new rear diff from Klung for $550 and it works great.
  5. Bob1

    Trooper Rear End

    Ya I upgraded both front and rear before this problem but now both ring and pinion have several missing teeth. The upgrade worked great by the way.
  6. Bob1

    Trooper Rear End

    Anyone have a an extra ring and pinion gear they could part with?