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Southern California Joyner Mechanic ?

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Hello from Canada….

I recently purchased a2008 Joyner R2, 800, but let me honest, i have not driven it as it is problematic atm. I have replaced injectors, pump, sensors, plugs wires, coils, etc. I have had it running roughly. I purchased it as my son had a joyner 650 sand spider i think, dam thing ran awesomely. His issue was youth, 5spd and drive axles, which leads me here,PARTS PARTS PARTS….where the heck do we get parts, prices, and availability. Currently mine has zero spark, gauges cycle, fan starts, fuel pump goes, just no spark🤬🤯I am trying to find insight, i really want this bush bashing work horse to run and be reliable. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance

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Hi Jhen ! Thank you for the tip and for noting that I needed to be more specific....I need a "REAR Dif." I have emailed the contact in China at  [email protected] and hope to get a response. I agree a NEW  dif may be better than repairing the broken dif. I have already had the rear dif repaired once before but it broke again. I think I am trying to tow too much weight.

I notice in the manual that the part is referred to at the "rear reducer. " Hopefully this is the write part?  



Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 4.01.04 PM.png

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Hi Jhen - I ordered the rear dif from your contact in China. They turned around my oder and the dif in on the way via UPS. It looks legit and I hope the part matches up. I appreciate you tip. Here is the China info in case other want to buy from them. 

Bob Qiao

Sales Manager

Website: http://www.klung-motor.com

Follow us on Facebook.com


Bob Qiao on Facebook.com


Payment by Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/klungmotor

Email:[email protected]   

QQ:[email protected]


Mobile and whatsapp:0086-18067895850


Klung Industry Co.,ltd.

No.167,Xian Road,kecheng District,quzhou City,Zhejiang Prov.,P.R.China 324000

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