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  1. New lower prices plus a 1000rr engine setup!
  2. Parting out a rolled Sand viper 1100. I will list some of the parts I have, otherwise ask me if there is something specific you are looking for. I am selling everything I have for $800. I am located near Glenwood Springs CO. SOLD ITEMS, I do not have these items. Wheels Tires Engine Transmission Axles Shocks Control Arms Things I have....These all came off of the running engine. I have video of it running if anyone needs to verify that. Throttle Body $90 Starter $150 Alternator $150 Fuel rail, injectors, fpr $100 fuel pump $70 Map Sensor $50 Full set of Guages $150 Exhaust w cat, O2 SOLD Ignition Coil - SOLD Wiring harness and ecu SOLD Radiator, shroud, elec fan, overflow tank $200 Fuel tank w sender $150 Has dent at base of fuel neck, no leaks I have a box full of misc bolts, nuts, etc. I will sell the Chassis or Frame alone for $200. The chassis is in pretty good shape, needs some cage repair and 2 areas straightened where control arms mount. If anyone had an automotive frame machine it would take a few hours. That would include.... Brake calipers, lines, pedal, master cyl, E brake assy, Steering shaft, wheel Ignition switch, key Light bar frame, 2 lights misc hardware, spindles 2 hubs, rotors Engine mounts Throttle pedal, cables Shifter, cables Clutch master, pedal I am sure I am forgetting something. I am parting this out of ebay right now, I just picked up another project and could use the room. No I will not take less than $700 for all of it or $200 for the frame. I do not need to sell it, I will make far more parting it out but would like the extra space in the garage. If interested I also have an 07 1000rr engine setup I would sell with the buggy for $650. Thanks!

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