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  1. You did not state front or rear differential. However, you should be able to get the part at http://www.klung-motor.com/. Any reputable dealer in your area should be able to replace it. Having it rebuild would most likely cost as much as buying a new one and paying for installation.
  2. A short on this controller could be the problem. Available at http://www.klung-motor.com/.
  3. Good machine but that depends on what you plans are for use. Parts can be a challenge. At that age I would plan on replacing all rocker switches. I have an 08 Joyner T2 1100. Runs great, always starts. All switches replaced.
  4. Try Klung-motor.com or Aliexpress.com
  5. also try Aliexpress.com. They have an amazing amount of all kinds of stuff.
  6. try http://www.klung-motor.com/. The do have parts and may carry wheels.
  7. You need to take it for a drive of course. Check for electrical short. Gauges may cycle off and on. Original rocker switches are prone to corrosion. Moisture seems to be the biggest enemy of this model year. If everything works ok, then negotiate your best price and buy it. A new Joyner Renegade 1100 4 seater at gokartsusa.com is currently 11,975. You can get an owners manual at joyner-usa.com. I have a 2008 T2 1100. I have replaced all of the rocker switches. Parts are out there you just have to have patience to find the right part when needed. My T2 will climb anything. I live in the desert so moisture is not an issue for me. Previous owner lived on the coast.
  8. Gokartsusa.com are selling Joyner again. You may be able to connect with an air filter there.
  9. An engine needs fuel, spark, air to start. It also needs to be properly timed. Are you getting fuel to the engine cylinder? Have you pulled a plug and checked for spark when turning the engine over? Do you have the Renegade owners manual? I would check for fuel and spark to the cylinder before I proceeded to an issue with parts such as a relay or ? Check for proper fuel pressure as well. Many pumps may fit but proper fuel pressure is key to these engines running properly. Electronic issues seem to be a key issue with trooper. The original equipment electronic connections get corrosions easily and need to be cleaned with a wire brush and non-conductive contact cleaner or electronics cleaner. I just finished cleaning all of the gauges, switches, and other connections on my T2. Makes a big difference. If your Joyner has been sitting, corrosion is going to be an issue. Check and clean those connections. If you go to the Joyner USA website you will find a link to download a manual for the renegade. There are some good diagrams for electrical parts. The unit also has an engine relay in the fuse panel.
  10. I bought a 2008 Trooper T2. I live in the desert in Arizona. My only issues with the trooper are the curb weight (1760lbs), and some minor electrical issues. The weight of the machine almost makes it impossible to drive comfortably in washes. The deep sand is a real problem for this machine. There is only a 5a fuse controlling the lights, dash lights, turn signals, brake lights and all gauges. That has to be split up. The stock rocker switches corrode easily and need to be replaced with modern rocker switches which involves replacing the switch panels. The 4wd switch is the first to go. Replace it immediately and get ready for some tricky wiring when replacing the other switches. Overall, for dirt roads and rough terrain including crossing some washes and doing some travel in narrow washes without much deep sand I am very happy with this purchase. The unit is dependable and starts every time. Oh yea the seat belts.....I replaced mine with 3 point seat belts ($60.00 pair) like the ones in my 91 jeep wrangler. Work great and easy install. No need to remove belts to lift seats. The 5 point seat belts are a little overkill.
  11. Jhen


  12. I would start by getting the fan issue resolved. Sounds like you have some wiring out of sorts.
  13. You can get a parts manual and owners manual from joyner.com. I believe the part number is 6 S800. Hydraulic pump assembly of foot brake 1 Try aliexpress.com for parts.
  14. Aliexpress.com. They are a good source for some parts .
  15. Summit Sales carries the complete head. May have parts. They also have gaskets. Summit Sales is an EBAY seller.

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