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  1. I have a Joyner 1100cc Sand Viper in need of repair. Does anyone know a repair shop or mechanic that services these in southern California?
  2. Thanks for your reply Rich. I will try to give you a call tomorrow if possible.
  3. I'm sure I am one of many. I searched for a long time before I could find someone to work on mine and unfortunately it was a bad experience so this area could definitely use a reliable source for repairs.
  4. Does anyone know what the recommended fuel pressure readings are for an 1100 Sand Viper? I recently had the gas tank and fuel pump replaced and now the engine is very difficult to start and when first depressing the gas pedal the engine bogs down to the point of almost dying unless you quickly depress the pedal to almost full throttle. The readings I'm looking for are. 1. Pressure reading when key is turned on and fuel pump is engaged but engine is not started. 2. Pressure reading when engine is idling. 3. Pressure reading at full throttle. Any information on this would
  5. Thanks Rich, I would appreciate any help I can get. The buggy was running just fine when I shut it down for the summer months. It was stored in an enclosed trailer but left out in the desert over the summer. I guess the heat was too much for it. I suspected bad fuel so I drained the tank and replaced the fuel but all it does is turn over. I'm not sure if it's a fuel or electrical issue. That's all the troubleshooting I have done so far. I haven't really worked on engines since they've had carburetors so I don't have any experience with fuel injection. I can read a manual but don't re
  6. Thanks for the information. If I can't find anything closer to home I may be loading up and making a trip to Yuma. I hear its lovely this time of the year.
  7. I actually need to sell it. Do you purchase used Joyners or sell on consignment?
  8. I live in the Temecula Ca. area. Does anyone know where I can take my Joyner for service?

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