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Starting a shop for Joyners


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There are others that do it. There is a shop in Arizona near joyner USA that does it. I just don't know what they do for fueling. And they aren't willing to sell me just the fueling system. I have plenty of exp turboing V8's. Just nothing this small. I want to do a turbo in the spot where the muffler is. Because the sound is unreal! I had a rear mouinted turbo on my last Chevy 6.0 I did . It sounded like a whisling ford Diesel. Was Awesome! At Idle the turbo did as great job at muffling the sound(plus it was Legal as a muffler). But when you put the hammer down...…….the sound def made your presence known. On top of that....I don't need an aftermarket header. Just piping, plumbing, and intercooler.

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You don't need a intercooler for th 5 LB of boost for a 9.5 compression engine. All you need is a wide band O2 gauge and a injector controller and injector for the intake then you can richen the mixture under boost, pretty simple way to go. 

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I just acquired a 07 joyner sand viper 1100cc, missing the whole tranny. Dont know if the engine is good or not, starter bolts to tranny bell housing so cant start the motor. Was thinking might be cheaper to do engine tranny swap. Seems like all the joyner output shafts are the weak link. I can get a Geo metro wrecked cheaper than a tranny for a joyner. Plus cant find parts in the USA 

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Joyner USA has most parts . The vw trans from the ?????? is the same, their is a thread bout that. The big thing is that the engine is only 50 hp just not enough giddy-up.  Our trans has a bad 2nd gear synchro so changing the engine and trans for us is the way to go.

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