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  1. If you get your shop together soon let me know what a tranny for a joyner 1100 will cost me
  2. Havent been able to pick up a motor & tranny yet, but maybe in the fall I'll have time.
  3. Havent had time to even think about my buggy, but speed freak I need thinking about a street bike motor & tranny. Even intertwined the thought of a Harley motor & tranny. Just cant seem to figure out the independent suspension ( yet).
  4. Mine is missing the complete tranny, so I've been research a engine and transmission swap. Not a lot of info out there I guess.
  5. I just acquired a 07 joyner viper 1100cc but it's missing the whole tranny. Was thinking on a engine, tranny swap to a Geo metro, just never done anything like that & wondered if it would be worth doing!?
  6. Interested in seeing the outcome on the swap! Just in case what's your price on the joyner motor & tranny?
  7. I just acquired a 07 joyner sand viper 1100cc, missing the whole tranny. Dont know if the engine is good or not, starter bolts to tranny bell housing so cant start the motor. Was thinking might be cheaper to do engine tranny swap. Seems like all the joyner output shafts are the weak link. I can get a Geo metro wrecked cheaper than a tranny for a joyner. Plus cant find parts in the USA
  8. How would you hook up the independent rear suspension, just got a 07 joyner sand viper 1100cc dont know if the motor is good, missing the tranny. Was thinking of a engine, tranny swap with a Geo metro. Never had a buggy b4. So all will be new to me!
  9. I was needing a transmission for mine, think it would be cheaper to do engine & tranny swap. I have had no luck finding a good tranny.
  10. Guy in Ogden Ut has a 07 viper for under 5k on Facebook just look for 1100 joyner for sale
  11. Has anyone done an engine & tranny swap on an 1100cc sand viper?

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