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  1. May not be. I also think there it could be a leak in the fuel line up stream from the pump. One thT only manifests when negative pressure is applied.
  2. Now I have a super long extended crank no start. Eventually it starts and runs well. Any ideas? I may need new injectors. Do you know what I can replace them with that is not chery?
  3. Can anyone help me find the right oil filter replacement for my machine? I dont want to buy a chery filter.
  4. I just found that problem. The guy who had it before me had put a marine fuel water separator on it. Darn thing was that's into the base. Lol just waiting for amazon to bring me a new one
  5. Fuel pump runs but nothing is getting tô it. I tried putting a vacuum on the outlet hose of pump and it wouldn't pull anything. This machine sat for a year and a half unused. Is there a way to prime the lines? What could be the cause of the fuel not getting tô the pump?
  6. Can one adjust that without shims? What diameter are the shims?
  7. I need to adjust my valves. But I can't find any specs that tell me the valve clearance. Can someone help me? 1100cc chery
  8. Truth be told I hooked the wires up on the starter without bolting it tô the engine. I thought I had a good enough ground. Turns out I didn't. Starter is functioning correctly. Now it cranks but won't start. Have spark... and fuel
  9. Bad starter yes....I confirmed that after I took it out and had it tested. Now I have the new one. It wont energize. What voltage am I supposed to read at the connections key on and key in start position? Also how many ground wires are attached at bottom post of starter mounting bolt?
  10. I am looking for fueling options for my Turbo kit. What do you got?
  11. There are others that do it. There is a shop in Arizona near joyner USA that does it. I just don't know what they do for fueling. And they aren't willing to sell me just the fueling system. I have plenty of exp turboing V8's. Just nothing this small. I want to do a turbo in the spot where the muffler is. Because the sound is unreal! I had a rear mouinted turbo on my last Chevy 6.0 I did . It sounded like a whisling ford Diesel. Was Awesome! At Idle the turbo did as great job at muffling the sound(plus it was Legal as a muffler). But when you put the hammer down...…….the sound def made your pre
  12. Oh....and crossing the terminals....didn't make a difference. I kept hearing a solenoid on the fuse block click everytime I did it. I stopped trying when I heard the buzz and got the tingleys in my fingers, followed by some involuntary vocal terrets attack like lamentations. My wife called it Vocal fireworks

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