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  1. moose

    Must have to carry along

    I carry a 12v air compressor with 2 gal. air tank attached, set @ 120lbs.. Works good if you break a bead on a tire & need volume to reset.
  2. moose

    what to do with old Joyner ?

    If you are giving it away I'm sure there's lots of takers. Put it up for sale. There is always a market for the parts if nothing else.
  3. I understand what you're saying and somewhat agree, but my renegade rpms just turns up to high when traveling down the road. My old 800 cc buggy had half the hp & ran much faster @ much lower rpms. My Renegade 1100 @ 86 hp has enough power to handle longer rpm splits between 3rd, 4th and 5th. I winter in Yuma, AZ. Lots of utv & atv dealers & repair shops around. I'm gonna look around to see if I can find a better geared trany replacement. Has to be some way to add some legs to it & maintain my 1st & 2nd hill climbing gears. Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.
  4. I was wondering about the high rpms as well. I love the low 1st gear but wish there was a way to change the rest of the gear ratios. Would sure be nice to be able run along 45 or 50 at about 3000 rpm and not have to listen to a screaming engine. Maybe some day someone will come out with some different gears to change it to. I have a new renegade 1100 r2