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Trooper 1100 Turbo Kit?


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Hey guys,

so i have built my own turbo kit in house and it works awesome! seeing these turbo kits for sale for 3 and 4k seemed a little steep for me..

i built my entire kit intercooled and all for less then half of that price so i am considering selling these kits.. if i could produce a complete bolt on kit that could be installed with simple hand tools in your garage strait for $1800 and intercooled for $2500 would any of you be inerested? i would like to post pics but not sure how to? i have also snorkled my trooper and not just the air filter but diff vents, the two chrome catch cans (crankcase vent and radiator vent) along with raising the ECM and fuse boxes to head level.. this as well could be sold as a kitfor very little cost. i can also do the work in-house if needed (install all of this for you) for only a couple of hundred... is this stuff you guys would be interested in? Turbo kits will be complete al the way down to an Autometer Vac/Boost guage, fuel controller etc.... i have seen a HUGE increse in power! if you have more questions you can call me at 713-824-8891 i'm in the Houston Texas area.

Also Lenny would you mind calling me so i could pic your brain for a min? some questions about this site (how to post pics, stetting up my profile etc.) as well as a few other things.

Thanks i love this forum and really look foward to helping in the future! and really like seeing extreme joyners on the trail!

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Not me, only thing I would need more power for is the sand and a cheaper & better route for ME would be to buy a sandrail. NOW if someone could come up with a lower FRST gear mod to be used with my 31" tires, maybe depending on price.

You asked!

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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well the project took a lot of fabrication but done once now it would be pretty easy to duplicate.. if someone can tell me how to post pics on here i will.. it looks really good and turns a lot of heads, especially when they hear the blow off valve! have a few people here in Houston i am already building them for so i figured i would keep going... and rocmoc i would agree! it would help a lot in the mud too! maybe that will be my next project....

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Always interested in more power. There is a kit on Ebay for $1700(without intercooler). I think it is being sold be Tobefast or Nolimits.

How does your kit compare? What rpm does the turbo spool up? Can t run on pump gas? How is the fuel controlled

(fmu or computer)?


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its close to the same as that one beside using what i would call a better turbo and components... mine would be one off built for your specs.. but honestly they do have a nice kit.. feel free to call me and i can go over everything with you as well as send you pics. i am not trying to get rich over this, i just really like the Joyner and love disproving their bad wrap! mine is a serious head turner and i would like to see more like it! i would put mine against any Ranger RZR and leav'em behind!

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Guest Lenny

If I remember correctly, the turbo lkit on Ebay shows 120hp. I'm not convinced that it can produce that much unless he is boosting more than 10psi and running preformance fuel. Without changing engine compression or running special fuels, that kind of boost will create problems with pre-ignition which is bad for an engine. Also without matching the ports and going to a larger throttle body, the engine is still somewhat choked off. I've done all these things along with opening up the head ports for better laminar air flow. I am also using an after market ECU so I can tune all parts of the air fuel ratio, VE and ignition tables for best preformance plus I'm running 26 pound inectors and a high voltage ignition. I'm getting 121hp on 91 octane pump gas. The only way you will really know what the power output is, is to see a dyno test, printed out chart,.of the build. Silverbullets build will be interesting because he is bettering the crank, rods and pistons so he can probably run the engine to 8 or 9 thousand rpms which will greatly increase the potential power possibilities. I knew I wouldn't have the fastest Trooper for long. Who knows what is out there, I may not have the fastest anyway.


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