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  2. Can the o2 sensors just be disconnected or does something have to be removed.
  3. My lighting solution, just need to replace the bulbs on the bottom and relocate behind the winch area to give a cleaner look
  4. Weather will be fine at that time.
  5. I hear you guys but the manual option is where I want to go
  6. I have replaced the switch twice already, so staying electrical scares me. Remember I'm not the mechanic, the box is what exactly, are you talking fuse box?
  7. I have been searching the forum to find the how to on doing the manual four will drive, but can't find it. I'm sure I saw it before I'm looking to buy it somewhere and the instructions or pictures for installation. Tired of the electrical one failing and getting stuck in Baja.
  8. Ok, I can. Probably just add the limits raps now.
  9. Hopefully someone picks it ups that will appreciate it.
  10. Always funny to hear the opinion of someone that lives far away from Mexico about the drug wars. As an American I have lived the last ten years in Mexico, it is no different than the states. I was raised in Michigan, what about Detroit , I lived in So Cal for years many neighborhoods I would ever go into. I'm just saying don't believe only the 2-3 stories you hear per year on TV. Mexico has its challenges like the USA with safety in large cities, Mexico also is not afraid to put it on Public TV either, the lay down the gruesome facts.
  11. Let me check again and I will update what I did quote name="nocturnalsixer" post="17890" timestamp="1374534560"]I looked up your photos.. very interesting so you welded bracket on the radiator for bottom stock location and remove the top stock bracket then made new bracket welded to the radiator to bolt the radiator over to where old stock bracket rod bolts on to on the roll cage? What did you do about the different hose sizes? Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2
  12. During the last few weeks I also got to take the T4 to Jacume in Baja Califonia for pre running the CODE race. Again great results also added an Intercomm system which really made things more fun since we could chat the entire time, plus listen to music also. Looking to do a few more things now finally going to add fender well extenders since I have the bigger tires I ate a lot of dust and small rocks in Jacume. Amber light is operational for the pre running. Replacing side mirrors and adding a 17" rear view mirror. Still need to do shocks.
  13. I just saw one in El Centro Cal on Saturday at Denny's. wife couldn't understand why I took the pic. I got to see 2 of these in the desert it was awesome. The red one the other is from the Baja 250 in San Felipe
  14. I did a larger radiator and fan also for running in the desert. I have a few pics under my gallery. I had to make a few mods to install, but since that point I have eliminated the overheating issues even when it is over 100 outside.
  15. Was going to buy another Quad two seater for the wife and we ran across the T4 and she wanted it. That was April 2008. Mileage not sure 800 maybe but a tough 800 of the greatest Baja has to offer. I now have a great place to go to have work done on it, and it is turning out to be a great pre run vehicle. I have gotten frustrated and have almost sold it twice but I love it more even though it is broke a lot. The list of repairs of what people have done is awesome, one reason I keep it.
  16. Well it has been a while since I had a good ride. I was at my father n laws in Ojos Negro Baja Mexico. I took the kids on a tour of about 150 miles of the Baja 500 course. We had a blast and the trooper performed awesome. I had some recent problems and replaced the drive shaft and some tranny parts along with some clutch parts and figured while I had the motor and tranny out I would replace the skid plate with heavy duty aluminum which is needed for where I ride in the baja with all the rocks.
  17. Nocturnal: Not like a police car. Desert racing, so we use it for pre-running, and during the race I carry parts, tools etc to help if the team breaks down. Your point sounded cool though.
  18. Kinarfi, On the how not exactly sure. When it actually snapped I was flying down a graded gravel road. I do have the 2008 version with the U Joint, will go to the CV. Over the last years, I have used the trooper as a chase car here in Mexico where I live. It has seen the toughest environment possible. I'm continually pushing it to the limits through deep woops, deep sand and silt, salt water washes. It has been a trooper no pun intended. I'm sure the miles of bottoming out on rocks hasn't helped either.
  19. Sorry for the multiple posts to different threads....I should have posted here first. Here is what I am in need of. JMC will have parts in Jan, but it is riding season and would like to get the Trooper up and running earlier... Ref #. Part#. Description. Qty 1. QR512---1701101. Clutch case 1 2. 4T08A1---1701111. Transmission Case. 1 29. QR512---1701710. Reverse. Gear. 1 46. TR1100. Rear inboard slip drive. 1
  20. All a few weeks ago I inquired about a tranny for a 2008 Joyner t4 Well I have the tranny disassembled and this is what I need. Do any of you have these items. I took the reference number from the manual. Everything thing else is perfect still I will be looking high and low so I don't have to buy a new tranny. Ref #. Part#. Description. Qty 1. QR512---1701101. Clutch case 1 2. 4T08A1---1701111. Transmission Case. 1 29. QR512---1701710. Reverse. Gear. 1 46. TR1100. Rear inboard slip drive. 1
  21. I'm trying to rife beside race cars most of the time blew the tranny on a desert track chasing a full size Bronco that invested almost 40 k. In the tight turns I could stay up his butt though. I have raced a quad in Baja for some time and I love my trooper. Yeah I tear the shit out of it, but that's what I bought it for was to terrorize the desert. Just wish I had the mechanical skills good thing I have a mechanic that can help. Keep the chins up this is a great toy.

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