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  2. think you would need to jump a line from your main one to the parking brake with a double banjo bolt like this on in the link , this company in the link sell all the parts u need i just dont no the sizes of the banjo bolt and fitting u would need. the sell quick connect fittings so no special tool necessary. i did it this way when i added another rotor to the front motorcycle worked out great. http://www.spieglerusa.com/double-banjo-bolt-1651.htm
  3. i no its pretty much stock, just trying to get an idea what its really worth the way it sits thanks for the input
  4. good friend of mine wants one now that hes seen ours, haha this came up local has 1100 miles on it, and has been taken care of. its bot beat up or any thing wrong with but i thik the guy is a little high on his price. im not sure on the used market of these hopingyou guys could help on what about its worth here is the link http://keys.craigslist.org/for/4253018603.html . also forgot to add it has a sb programer and a custom header and exhaust.
  5. what makes it diffrent besides the looks just wondering
  6. hey don i have a few questions about your wheels hoping you could help me, it looks like you have the itp c series type 7 wheels and i want a set of these but haveing trouble picking a size. could you tell me what size you have and the offset front and rear. and where a good place to get them i would really appreciate your help thanks, and i think the lug pattern it 4-115 is this correct? thank you
  7. from what i understand they have to be connected,and the first one can be left alone and the second you just have to mount it outside so it reads clean , and some say they dont have any issues leaving it alone with the cat out
  8. i dont notice any play in the steering but havnt had them in the woods yet, thank you for the help
  9. thank you for all the input, helpful stuff feel free to add to it if u think of any thing else, does any one have any more info on if they changed the diff or not come apart? Charlie mentioned they may have changed it jw what they did
  10. ok thanks, can you remove the cat with out having false computer readings i see there is o2 sensors on it or does it even help them by removing it?, and is the programer from silver bullet a good one? or is there a better one. and any one know of a easy air filter to find at an auto parts store or somthing like that, thanks for the help sorry for so many ?s
  11. thanks guys these are great tips, what is a good oil and and weight to run and how long is break in period, i dont trust sales guys.. and synthetic ok for these motors? and did they improve there rear diffs from coming lose ? or still need to be re bolted. thanks for your input cody
  12. glad to be here, my dad and i just purchased two troopers new.. i have been reading a bunch here ,i was wondering if there was some tips of how to better ready them for the woods. such as some things i can do ahead of time to prevent some issues.. such as greasing connections, water proofing some things, any thing i should just change so there is no issues like i have seen fuse box problems on here any thing i can do to prevent stuff like that would be great to know, we usually trail ride with some water and a little mud cody

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