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New Here - Renli 1100


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I've never actually seen a Joyner in person so I can't comment on how the Renli is different other than the looks.

I love the 5sp manual, it's a blast to drive and have a good time in. However the Chery 1100 is pretty low on power and disappointing somewhat IMO, I was expecting more.

When I was buying the Renli every dealer told me that they make 68whp and about 88bhp. But after talking with Silverbullet and watching a dyno video online that seems to be pretty far off, it shows them only putting down 49whp! :(

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A fuel controller will bring it up pretty close to the advertised 85 HP, but the trooper is heavy. I don't know about the Renali. I beat my buddies rzr4 no problem on a flat road with stock tire and pre-fuel controller, if it were up a hill I am sure it would have been different.

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Can you give me the controller settings your running? Mine seem to be way off for my Renli.

Not sure if the Renli's are running a different fuel map than the Troopers but I wouldn't think they would. Do you know if the early troopers had a different map than the new Troopers?

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I'm curious, did you have to lean up the settings. The Trooper was tuned for ECO efficiency which is also what gives the stock Trooper good gas mileage. I suspect that your Renli was initially tunes for better power then the Trooper, thus richer. That would make the stock controller settings a little too rich which would pull down the power especially at mid and high rpms.

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To all Joyner owners.The fuel pump in the early troopers were in the wrong place.The filter was before the pump.It should be after the pump.The fuel pump pushes fuel out.The old way it had to suck out of the filter.All new Joyners have the pump in front of filter.Any body that use snorkle should use at least 3 " pipe to the roof.If you want to adjust the controller you need to get air ratio meter so you can see if the mixture is rich or lean

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