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  1. toddlong


  2. i dont have the time to ride and would like to sell it give me some offers its an 2008 it has a new starter ,plugs ,coil, fuel pump, and snorkle with a k and n filter
  3. amazon.com type in joyner trooper i wish i had found this when i bought mine off ebay for 100 dollars vs 40
  4. off subject but did you flip your intake and how did you do it
  5. what did the shocks cost you and where did you get them
  6. no i ve read alot of yours and lennys stuff i never seen it though
  7. ok was just wondering have you had any problems with your since you ve done it how often do you check it ... i m going to change y oil tomm and check for any metal and take it back aprt if needed
  8. order the bolt you said to Kinarfi they seem a lil long did you do any thing other than grin the heads down??
  9. what kind of preformace did you gain
  10. how much for the intake and what kind of power did you gain
  11. let me know how they look and work
  12. blew a wheel bearing and sheared the axle thread s the other day a 1996 honda accord front axle nut threads right on to the new axle being how the ebay store did not suppy a nut
  13. what kind of back spacing did you use
  14. snorkel ... 3 inch k and n truck filter gotta let the motor get colder air and more volume
  15. what kind of prices are you talking on the cams and stuff

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