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  1. Locoharleyman


  2. I have been taking mine to the local driveshaft shop and they replace the cv for cheap!
  3. It was the pump, this sucker never ran so good! Also relocated pump to right under hood for shorter fuel lines
  4. I settled with the 30 monster manias, they are perfect!
  5. Thanks everyone for your help, I am going to try a different pump, my new one only puts out 40psi max and I am betting the one that was on it was the same. I will keep you posted
  6. Ok, problem has gotten worse. Watching my fuel pressure and even at idle it will go from 55# to almost nothing and almost die then bounce back up, you throttle any at all and it starves and dies? This is a new pump and the old one did the same thing. As long as you are throttling on it while riding its fine, just maybe sluggish on initial throttle but slow down to idle and it will start fluctuating?
  7. I talked to silver bullet and he wants $286 for a controller, does that sound right? I also have found a huge voltage variance feeding my fuel pump causing it to loose pressure, chasing wires now
  8. Great news, ordering my controller tomorrow and gonna do some aggressive fuel system cleanse. The guy at SB had said something about maybe moving the fuel filter to the downstream of the pump? I am going to upsize my snorkel to 3" from 2" and add the controller. Thanks guys for all your help and will probably have more questions once I install the controller. BTW the 30" tires are awesome and give me the ground clearance I needed.
  9. Ok, my trooper has always had a dead spot coming into second and third gear acting like a fuel hesitation since I had bought it. It had got worse to the point it quit running altogether, I replaced the fuel line, filter, pump and regulator and now have consistent fuel pressure (45lbs) but still have that hesitation going into higher gear. I would like also to have a lot more lower end torque as most of my riding is trail, mud and hill climb, not going fast. I have read several of the threads on the fuel controller and AFR wide band system and looking to add that to my wish list. I am switching
  10. Has anyone run any of the 33" gorilla silverbacks on their joyner? Just looking for some opinions on them. I ruined my 27" tire and I am going to replace all 4, do lots of trail riding in rocks, sand and love a big mud hole. Any thoughts?
  11. Pretty awesome site and great info, thanks for the add! Love to work on my buggy and looking for ideas and great place to share mine.
  12. Love the Oklahoma mud and trails
  13. Yeah here is a few, I hand bent them on a hydraulic pipe bender and let the hinges where you can remove them. We play in the deep mud and it helps from getting as much mud Claud's flying in and makes the wifey feel safer.
  14. My next add on too! Looks good bro!

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