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  1. put smaller turbo on get rid of lag
  2. i have canvas cab for sale. for t2 $200.00 plus shipping
  3. thanks for in put
  4. what tire works best on trooper? for all round tire. what is everybody else running?
  5. I got email from silver bullet says important document click here . it won'ts your email &password to get it. is this a scam?
  6. I run stock pump stock injectors. I can kill my motor with fuel. if you need bigger injectors i'll sale you set $50.00
  7. I don't run intercooler don.t need it, programmer from dobeck performance with air port.no problems
  8. how much boost are you running? I run 10psi no problem
  9. good job nice doors
  11. if using air shocks do you tie them together side to side or single?
  12. waiting on new steering to get right spline mine is worn. they one sb sent me had rong spline fit to loose. everything eles good so far.
  13. super atv called me today an I'm taking my trooper to them to test fit the new 380 watt power steering.. be on market soon.