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  1. trackguy22


  2. I cut the tubes on the original adapter attached to the head, flipped it around and re welded it. Simple. Mine is turboed as well.
  3. I've got 30x10x14 bighorns on mine and really like them. Good all around tire. For the length of these, the taller the better.
  4. No restrictor in my setup. Needs the volume for lubrication and cooling. My $.02.
  5. i have a 2012 t2 with a turbo. Drivability is good but at a certain speed,cruising speed,the engine goes way lean unless I get out of the throttle and at a slower vehicle speed it works fine. Full throttle is good. Changed the tps. Has anyone use an emanage computer.
  6. The tracks are made by American Track Truck from the U.S. Chassis is all stock in the video, except for the 400 small block. Recently installed a 6 inch lift. Haven't had the tracks on yet this year, not much snow for us so far locally. This is how the truck looks now. Just a bit of a change.
  7. I changed my brake pads to a set of sintered iron pads. Big difference. Last longer and works a lot better.
  8. Try the post lower down the list. Alternative fuel pump.
  9. Mine still works perfect. Just think, this pump replaces factory ones that are made to supply fuel for a 200+ hp engine. Personally I think the factory Joyner pumps are junk. Just my opinion though. This pump should last a 100,000 plus miles. The one I have runs just under 80 psi. In a turbo system your pump has to supply running fuel pressure and extra pressure to compensate for boost pressure. I'm running about 8 psi boost. No intercooler and no issues. Hope this helps.
  10. Another part no. for alternative pump is. P74028 Carter. Napa is E2000.
  11. I did. My anti virus blocked it. Some kind of phishing bug.
  12. It's amazing what 8 inches of rain in a few hours can do. Before and after. We lost our waterfall, but gained a lot of new trails.

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