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    08 renegade overheat

    Blown fuse. Rear of pass seat fuse block, lowest fuse.
  2. josephb

    08 renegade overheat

    My 08 renegade overheated yesterday. The cooling fan wasn"t running. I was able to hot wire the fan direct, and it worked. My question is, where are the cooling fan switch and relay located? Any help will be appreciated..
  3. josephb

    Best price on Joyner parts

    Just called JMC. The recording states that they are "relocating" and will be open Roctober 1. That's all I have.
  4. josephb

    250 viper gas cap

    If anybody has info for a napa or auto zone cap number for a 07 250 sand viper, please share it. Thank you in advance.
  5. On mine [which is at my cabin]. Tank to filter, filter to fuel pump, fp to carb.
  6. josephb

    Commando Fuel Pump

  7. josephb

    Commando Fuel Pump

    And the winner is, napa posi-flo #610-1050.
  8. josephb

    Comando key blank

    Went to tru value store here in Pa. ilco blank # x105 Ka11. I believe it may be a Kawasaki blank. Anyway it worked.
  9. josephb

    Commando Fuel Pump

    I"ve looked through a bunch of old threads on fuel pumps, but wasn"t able to find an aftermarket fuel pump number. Anybody out there with one? Thanks.
  10. josephb

    Comando key blank

    Does anybody know what I can use for a key blank? 06 commando.
  11. josephb

    2014 Joyner Renegade R2

    Thanks for the info, but where did you find it?
  12. joyner renagade clutch

    1. silverbullet



      If you have any question feel free to call me

      928 344 2117

  13. josephb

    Alternator output

    Has anyone ever tested alternator outputs at alt or at battery. Trooper uses same alt as renegade.Mine was 11.41 with idiot lite on, new one is 11.71 but no lite. I think this is too low. Thankd in advance for any info.
  14. josephb

    C-2 clutch cable

    I"m hoping someone may have picked some of these up at the liquidation sale. Help please
  15. Less than 70 miles on this 09. This has NNNNOOOO low end power, absolutly nnnnoooo throttle responce. Starts fine, runs fair if your 90 years old. Just no tjrottle responce, get the hint. I found the Vap canister upside down next to fuel tank, didn"t seem like there was any fuel in the lines, so i ran it 25 or 30 miles hopeing problem would just go away. No such luck. I checked fuel pressure,60, yes 60psi. Icut it back to 30 and now it seems like I can here it laboring. I also played with the TPS. no help. By the way, when i cut the fuel pressure down, it now hesitates and misses when you get right on the pedal. I have to go now. If anyone has seen this and can help,THANK YOU for your reply in advance.I have driven a couple Renegades before which really impressed me( could use a granny gear however). Thanks again, I would love to ride tis holiday weekend.