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  2. To be honest I'm not even sure what you mean sorry,is the fuel pump in the tank because I believe the one I'm looking at runs along starter side of the motor
  3. Ok so I tested power at the fuel pump 4v(wouldn't there be no power till the relay is grounded), then I tested power at the relays(for the hell of it) they are waiting on 12v. Tried grounding the fuel pump nothing(assuming because of the low voltage). Im not to familiar with schematics if its not to much to ask, maybe a walk through? Went through the solenoid and grounds again to clean and remount. Maybe something I could rewire? Set new grounds? If I could do that atleast ill be familiar with whats going on and why? Considering I need a crash course/lesson on schematics. Sorry, I could do any
  4. Yes the solenoid by the fuse box, Im thinking if the ground for the fan, fuel pump, and ignition are on the same terminal that they don't come on till the winch gets grounded by it or the relay but aren't they all on different relays? Just thinking out loud.
  5. Ignition switch is putting out power. Not sure what this switch is on the dash...Idk if I did it right but I tried to upload a picture from my gallery, if you cant view it its in my photos.
  6. go_getta

    Switch on dash

    Not sure what this is
  7. I have power at the ignition switch, as far as I can tell the kill switch works power cuts on and off when it is flipped(ill check it for faults). If the computer was bad would the gauges still work(gauges do cycle)? Should I try grounding the ECU case? Ill check if ignition is putting out power now.
  8. So I swapped the relays with new ones and still same problem(worth a shot). I noticed the harness for the winch runs down the center of the buggy, are there any ground points in there? Does anyone have a wire schematic for the winch circuit, I think its safe to assume its all tied together at one point, no? Just want to see if I can separate them. There is also some kind of solenoid box next to the fuse box what is that for, tie into, and what are the symptoms if it were to be bad? Thank you,
  9. So I have gone over all ground points cleaned and new terminals. Still nothing. After the winch is activated I let the switch go and it stays on for 2 or 3 seconds. Could this be relay related? When I tried to pull them they were extremely brittle if the parts store has them ill just put all new relays in. I also went over the wires at the points where they are zip tied because they looked crimped. If there is any more advice that would be appreciated.
  10. Thank you for the prompt responses, It was running previously it has been sitting for 4 years. I changed the ignition switch, no mods from what I can tell. Before I put the topic up I searched around in the forum and went through all the steps previously discussed. Pulled fuse box for burnt wires, replaced burnt fuses got a wire schematic for ignition switch so I know that's right, and checked for voltage at the coil pack plug(before I discovered everything wont come on until winch is activated). I'm not sure what year it is and I'm not to familiar with the reputation and technicality of Joyne
  11. Hello, Im new to this site, I have a trooper 1100cc. Im having some issues sorting out a problem hopefully someone can help, im in need of dire assistance. I have no spark, no fan, and no fuel pump until the winch is activated.

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