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I don't personally know about Spartan but they would seem to be a good tire for our weight with their high rating. I looked for a long time and tried several tires before I decided which tire I wanted. I bought the super swamper from interco, they truly will run with no air. I tried it and went about 15 miles over trails here in Quartzsite. I didn't run them hard I wanted to find out if they would without any damage. They came through just fine, a little scuffed but OK. I don't remember for sure but I think they have a 1400lb. sidewall rating. They have good traction in everything but dry sand and they corner really well. I looked around and found them for 135.00 plus shipping, I think it was from online tires but not sure.

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lowgear, Thanks I been doing a lot of reading and looking and I think I,m going to get the STI Roctane xd tires. I was think of putting 28x10x14 all the way around.

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