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  1. Were you watching me? I literally did that right after lunch (4 hours ago) hahaha. Thanks for the helpful advice! I had a chance to look closer at the axle set up and the previous owner might be onto something. I have a few broken Polaris and Arctic’s axles from my prime Im going to play with
  2. I sent you an email and look forward to your response
  3. Here is the red neckory for the rear axle
  4. Hey guys, just to give you a bit of back story here first. I used to ride big mud machines and SxS in the swamp. Went through a divorce and lost almost everything. What I got to keep was a snowmobile that I had for years and never rode anymore and wasn’t worth much to me so I decided to try trading it for more or less any UTV/SxS I could. Well that landed me here, I just traded it for a 2008 Kandi KD650 which is a direct clone of the Joyner Commando 650. The machine is in rough shape but runs and drives. I have a few things to repair on it. (Seized choke cable, seized Ignition, and needs a voltage regulator). Going to to princess auto today to pick up a choke cable, and ignition, I have a voltage regulator from an old project that I will wire in. The only thing I am wondering about is the rear end. The guy I traded it for told me only one rear tire will spin when in 2 wd. Is that the way all of these are is do I need to rip it apart. Also is there any aftermarket support for rear axles or axles that will fit that can be cut down and sleeved and rewelded. Buddy there did some rednecking with a Polaris axle but not sure how strong it is.

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