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Commando 650 snorkel?


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New to the forum and Joyners.  Rode plenty of other machines, even used to ride with Ostacruiser(yes I’m in some of his videos).  I have been doing some long over due repairs/modifications/maintenance to my commando.  I wired in a new voltage regulator, wired in a new ignition, moved and replaced the choke, wired in second battery(back up) on a switch),  slapped on some 30” mudlite XXL and a yutrax rear bench seat for the kids.  While doing all this I noticed the intake is rather low and the air cleaner inlet seems to be in a bad spot for sucking in dirt and dust.  

Has anyone ran a snorkel on these? I’m sure I can’t be the first to think of it.  I searched but didn’t find anything.  


Just a pic of my unit


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since it seems no one else has done it I might as well be the first lol.

i went and did some basic shopping today, need glue and two more pieces tomorrow. 


So far I’ve removed the old intake which was taped on and worn out.  Marked and used a holesaw to where it will come out.  The intake will be completely 1.5” abs, coming to a 3” adapter where the cone filter will be attached with a flow pot as a rain shield.  More pictures to come tomorrow 





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