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  1. Side Doors for the SV1100

    Looking good. Nice work. Although... Something doesn't match and I can't take my off of it.
  2. Trail jack

    Honestly never needed one. Once my buddy with a can am maverick wanted to adjust his springs so we used a piece of firewood, wedged it under his rear diff and he pulled forward. Worked awesome. In my opinion farm jacks (high lifts) are way too heavy for a sxs to be carrying around. I would carry a scissor lift or air bag if I carry anything, but I think I can get by with a rock or wood for a trail fix for now.
  3. Silver BulletMotorsports

    Lol, you just affirmed what is old timers on this website already knew or were suspect of. Rich has always gotten me the part I ordered from him and even refunded me when I was dissatisfied with the part. However, I must say he has been difficult to deal with at times. But I haven't ordered from him in at least 8 months. He is an I interesting character to say the least. I respect that he has been selling parts and trying to improve joyners for years. That is not a booming business. And to be honest if we weren't such a thrifty bunch of utv owners he probably would have had a much more profitable business. If this is true I hope he can make it right with those he had wronged and get back on track. One thing I have learned about being a Joyner owner is that we are stronger if we stick together. We can all benefit from each other to include silverbullet. However, we don't cheat each other. That is Joyner code 😉
  4. I just got the tranny out and will contact you soon. What shape are your trailing arms in? I don't have any but I can show you where I reinforced mine. I have never had any issues
  5. Yeah, I did try and post some on the site but the file was too big. I will work the Google drive thing when I get time.
  6. Should be the exact same transmission. I am sure Google could answer for sure. Same engine same transmission as the T2.
  7. Bought a renli 1100 that was involved in a fire. Have some parts for sale : Chery 1100 short block motor turns well. Definalety rebuildable. Transmission will need new sensors and maybe seals.
  8. 09 joyner trooper t2 1100cc

    Welcome to the forum. I don't get on here as much as I used to. Man, as far as I know not many troopers had a ps pump. Can you get pictures? I suggest finding alternative sources on as much as you can. If you can find an alternator or ps pump at the local autoparts store then you can just get it whenever and not have to order. I am certain there is info on this forum about another type of alternator that will work. Just keep searching.
  9. 30 inch tires on a trooper

    Brand new 32" itp ultracross. Took a big hammer to make fit. 30" will fit no problem. 31's will be tight but should also fit without issue. Also, remember tires can vary in actual height up to an inch from manufacturers spec. Do your research.
  10. Changed A-arm joints

    At over 3500k Miles on my trooper. My a arm joints were shot. Ordered new from joyner USA but sent them back. I felt they were low quality especially for $25 a piece. They were nylon injected but the nylon was loose inside the end. I expected more for $25 a piece. And honestly the original heims were clearly higher quality. It concerns me that Joyner may be supplying lesser quality parts than they used to. I ended up ordering QA1 time joints from eBay for $19 apiece they are also nylon injected but higher quality. The part number is : QA1 MXMR16 Rod End (X) Endura Alloy Ht M-R 16Mm-16Mm May want to pin this in part section of this forum.
  11. Some issues we will encounter with this engine: Electronic throttle control How to lock up the tranny. Welding the tranny diff (transaxle) together would probably work Would need shifter and linkage Having a whole donor car would be the way to go.
  12. Trooper has intermittent starting..

    Glad you figured it out. At the end of the season last year Mine was dieing on me when coming off throttle from time to time. Then it didn't want to start afterward. I found oil in the intake and on the intake sensors. Also found a suspect air leak in a cracked intake rubber plug. Cleaned the sensors and filled the plug with rtv and is running great. Keep an eye on rubber parts. They are always cracking.
  13. trooper shocks from yearben

    Silver bullet, Sad you don't know my vast experience with the trooper. I am one of the few veteran owners on here. You should be calling me for advice. spam, imho
  14. Likes: Engine, differentials, axles (old style that are huge!), leg room, manual, built in lug nut/parts trays in the hood, untapped potential, looks (even after 9 years!), rear selectable locker, tube chassis, steering box mounted in front for better control, trailing arm suspension, beefy front a arms which are factory reinforced, factory suspension seats, factory 5 pt harness, overkill bolt sizes, wheelbase, mine has been very reliable! Dislikes: Stock shocks, gauge quality, brakes, odd sizes of insanely huge chassis bolts, fuel tank brackets, small transmission output shaft, weight, upright position of stock seats, stock air filter, quality of suspension and steering joints, stock roll cage strength. I'd like to point out all your name brand company's have the same and sometimes even more issues and that's what keeps the hundreds of aftermarket companies in business. Wish Joyner had more aftermarket support...