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    Thx for the reply Jeff. Lloyd can give it just a little throttle and it starts as well. Seems kinda strange. Will check compression for sure. 18k kilometers on the buggy, no dust now but there was when we first got it before we upgraded the air filter. Lloyd changes he oil regularly, cleans the air filter nearly with every trip out to keep dirt out of it. Not foolproof, I know.

    More starting issues - it seems the buggy doesn't like cool mornings for a change. It will whirl but not start if its close to the freezing mark. After the day warms up, it will start with no problem. A simple pull with another vehicle and it will also start with no problem. New plugs, new battery, etc have not seemed to help the matter. Any ideas gang?
  3. Has anyone purchased a toy hauler? If so, what did you buy, for what kind of toy, and are you happy with it?
  4. Dominator tires from SuperATV

    Update - got about 2 years out of the second set of tires - again the front ones started popping holes where the lug meets the carcass. Although, not nearly as bad as the first set. Still undecided what we will do next.

    We had rain 5 out of 10 days, and high humidity the rest of the time. Lloyd had to use starting fluid to start it when we got home; something we didn't take with us. Then when it did fire, it blew black smoke like a diesel. It's running now, thankfully!
  6. New Trooper

    Congrats on your new trooper!! I'm watching...want to know how you like it.

    Hey Silver Bullet, thanks for replying! Yeah, Lloyd did all of that right off the bat. He checked fuel pressure, fuel pump functioning. The only thing he hasn't done is check for spark, but it fired. Then he let it come up to operating temp, took it for a short ride, shut it off and then started it again. It fired again. He started it several times, and it's been starting since, with no problem. He said it was the MAC sensor that was really dirty, if that has anything to do with it. He said he might call you tomorrow concerning the ignition. If he turns to the accessory side (did it by accident when he was starting it and shutting it off) - to the left, the starter engages. That's obviously not supposed to happen. Do you have one, or an OEM replacement? THX AGAIN!!! Kathy
  8. Good grief...just got back from a 10 day camping trip. Took the trooper, it ran fine when we loaded it. Unloaded it in camp, started it a couple of times to move it, all was well. The next morning, hubby went to start it again, and it would not fire. We've been browsing the site for others with the same problem, and nothing quite fit the symptoms we had. But, hubby (Lloyd) took all electrical connections loose, cleaned them, etc. No burned wires, no blown fuses, no burned relays. The only thing he found was very dirty sensor (I forgot which one he said it was). After putting it all back together, and with the help of some starting fluid, it fired. He's still not sure he fixed it, but I wanted to let y'all know we found the places to trouble shoot on this site. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge!
  9. 2008 Joyner Trooper T4 for sale!

    So Jaybird, did you sell your trooper?
  10. New 2014 Trooper T2

    Hey quicksnake! I've not been on here for a long time, but I wanted to answer your question. Hubby and I bought our 2008 Trooper T2 brand new, we now have about 10k miles on it. Outside of a few minor issues in the very beginning, we've had very little problems with it. We take it everywhere. We had a mfg issue from the get-go with the rear diff, which the dealer replaced. We had a BO fuel pump. The dealer upgraded the front and rear drive lines because the originals were sub standard. That's about it. I would recommend one for sure!
  11. Dominator tires from SuperATV

    I don't buy that the tires are dry rotted. Why would that only happen to the front tires for one, and for two - in EXACTLY the same place in a perfect line? Plus the buggy is parked under an awning out of the sun when it's not being driven. I found out after digging, that the mfg discontinued these tires for a period of time not long after we purchased them. Hmm...wonder why that might be? Then they brought them back again late last year. We did go ahead and purchase another set, so let's see how it goes. Still not happy with how they handled our original complaint, but we are kinda between a rock and a hard place as to where to get other tires the same size. So since they did discontinue and then bring them back, we shall see if they fixed the flaws they admitted to - and they did admit to flaws, although not the ones we found. And just for the record, we were driving down a paved access road, about 1/10 of a mile long, no road hazards whatsoever last week - and a new hole blew in the right front. Sounded like a shot, and the tire was flat in an instant. It took 5 tire plugs to fill it. Our plan was to stay on a well used dirt track, nothing to put any stress on the tires, to just go to a spring and watch for wildlife coming in to drink. We didn't even get out of the driveway, basically. No, I don't buy that the tires are weather checked, when they are blowing holes continually where the lug meets the carcass. Lloyd said if he could hit road hazards in exactly the same location that many times over and over again, he needs to go buy lottery tickets. The two front tires are toast, but the two rear ones will be held onto for spares. Stay tuned.
  12. Has anyone purchased these tires from SuperATV? I'm talking specifically about the Dominators, 30x10-14's. They are (or were) really cool tires. We bought them in 2011, Lloyd wanted to go to 30" tires instead of the 28's that came on the trooper. We put 30x12-14's on the rear. Well, after less then half life, the 10 wides we put on the front have failed miserably. They have cracked right where the lug meets the carcass. 5 places on one tire and three on the other. The response we got from SuperATV was they would give us $50 off per tire for the purchase of new ones. After all, they are 2 years old. What does age have to do with wear? There's still plenty of tread left on the tires, they are not worn out. You can still see the wear bars on the tires. Lloyd and I feel it's a manufacturing problem. SuperATV refuses to do anything else, and so far we are refusing to buy any new tires from them. I would like to know if anyone else has had any better luck with these tires.
  13. Milage and how did u here of the Joyners

    Country Thunder in Arizona, 2007. There was a dealer there. We bought ours in May 2008. I think we have around 10k miles on it.
  14. Our T2

    Playin' with our Trooper