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    The wrench

  2. Jonathan is rich's middle name. Also it was at one point an income producing business. Then he started his shady and lazy business practices
  3. As far as I know, Rich is in jail with a pending investigation into quite a few things. None of the silverbullet phone numbers work The place where the shop used to be now has a for sale sign and has been cleared out. Sorry I dont have better news for all the people he screwed over
  4. What is scary is that a man with an online business has issues posting in forums. So yes people are watching. Is it scary for me? No. I'll sit back with my tea and watch the show.
  5. So, my notifications are getting blown up because the gentleman is having issues posting in a forum that he as "over 700 posts on." hmm
  6. As a side note, he is going to cook up some story about how I'm incompetent, unreliable, irresponsible, and a host of other things to try to keep the blame from him. I am okay with what he says because the customers that I have personally taken care of have never had another issue, and if they ever had questions they could call me directly and I would help them. Not going to put out names but there have been companies that call me before they would call him to get questions answered. For the record I am a full time student working on 3 degrees and worked for Rich part time while attendi
  7. Good Afternoon fellow UTV board members. I am Matt, the mechanic that used to work for Rich at Silver Bullet Motorsports. Time to let the cat out of the bag and you can interpret the following as you see fit. For the past almost three years I have worked for Richard and I have done everything from handling parts orders, rebuilding/building custom engines, to setting up and building his online store, to running the business. On several occasions I have more then bent over backwards for the man, going with out pay checks, dealing with his personal threats against me and the whole host o
  8. Hello Fellow UTV Board members. I am the Matt that is mentioned above. I started working for SilverBullet in 2015 and spent a lot of time learning the ins and outs of the Joyner brand of utvs and side by sides. I have taken the time to learn the 800cc and 1100cc engines in and out. I spent almost a month tracing out all 82 circuits in the 800/1100 wiring harness (even though the ecu has like 142 pins iirc). The differentials for the trooper, renegade, and commando I have gone through the trial and (yes) error to learn what works and what doesn't (read as fail spectacularly). I recently venture

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