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  2. Jonathan is rich's middle name. Also it was at one point an income producing business. Then he started his shady and lazy business practices
  3. As far as I know, Rich is in jail with a pending investigation into quite a few things. None of the silverbullet phone numbers work The place where the shop used to be now has a for sale sign and has been cleared out. Sorry I dont have better news for all the people he screwed over
  4. What is scary is that a man with an online business has issues posting in forums. So yes people are watching. Is it scary for me? No. I'll sit back with my tea and watch the show.
  5. So, my notifications are getting blown up because the gentleman is having issues posting in a forum that he as "over 700 posts on." hmm
  6. As a side note, he is going to cook up some story about how I'm incompetent, unreliable, irresponsible, and a host of other things to try to keep the blame from him. I am okay with what he says because the customers that I have personally taken care of have never had another issue, and if they ever had questions they could call me directly and I would help them. Not going to put out names but there have been companies that call me before they would call him to get questions answered. For the record I am a full time student working on 3 degrees and worked for Rich part time while attending school.
  7. Good Afternoon fellow UTV board members. I am Matt, the mechanic that used to work for Rich at Silver Bullet Motorsports. Time to let the cat out of the bag and you can interpret the following as you see fit. For the past almost three years I have worked for Richard and I have done everything from handling parts orders, rebuilding/building custom engines, to setting up and building his online store, to running the business. On several occasions I have more then bent over backwards for the man, going with out pay checks, dealing with his personal threats against me and the whole host of his little psychotic episodes. I even went as far as to rebuild relationships with companies that said they would no longer work with him. So, yeah.. that's me. Now that I no longer work for Richard. Here's the real deal. He does not have any real inventory. If there are people's buggies at the shop he will snatch parts off of them in order to get buggies with rebuilt engines and "new" parts out the door. He will put off customers parts orders for weeks because he does not have the capital to support the order at that moment. There are customers who have ordered parts last year that I know still has not gotten them. He has no system for tracking orders. I could go on and on however, I'll let others speak, "The owner does not pay his employees my husband just got out of the military and the guy hired him at first paid him weekly then it went to every 2 weeks then the guy has told him that it was going to be per project but then went back to every two weeks we haven't seen a pay check in over 1.5 months besides what my husband had done on the project. So if you get ur work done there might at well go straight to the guys that actually did the work" from google business review "I bought a “brand new” 650 motor from Rich about August of 16. Nothing but problems from the motor. For the next year he took care of everything that was wrong. I kept having the same problem with the motor so he asked me to ship it to him, so I did. That was 6/7/17. I still DONT have the motor, every time I email him to ask about my motor, it takes him about a week to respond and he doesn’t answer my phone calls. When he does email me, he asks me to “be patient, he needs to get some bigger projects done to get cash flow.” 4 months is pretty damn patient if you ask me" from google business review "Worst online sale I've had. A month after my order was "shipped" I spent a day trying to get a hold of them, after I finaly got a hold of someone he said "I'm looking at your parts right here, didn't shop them out because we where missing a part but I think I can find one I will have it shipped out today." So a week later I get a tracking number! You would think that was the end, 10mins later I get an email that the tracking number has been canceled now when I call I get forwarded to a voice mail box that's full" from google business review By far the best review and insight into the inner workings of SilverBullet Motorsports and the owner Rich "Rich has failed repeatedly. Now threatens me to remove this post or else. Call Feb 2 finally get him on the phone again takes my address card number and all says parts are leaving that day. He runs my card on the 3rd Friday. I wait to receive invoice or receipt something in email got nothing call Monday he says oh I forgot to ship it get it out right now I'm driving it to get ex because they picked up today already. Good. No. Wednesday I call again because it's been another 2 days and still no receipt no parts no tracking number call again he takes my name and all says he can't find paperwork he will call back. Calls back tells me they will be there Saturday. Your Tim right? No my name is Josh you just asked me that and wrote it down 30 minutes ago. Oh ok hold on let me call you back. No call back. Call again Friday no answer. I email him the next Monday again now it's fab 12th and still not even a receipt. No tracking number I email asking where the f### my parts are because I've been very nice and understanding cuz he jokes has old and forgetful but now I've had enough. He says he still hasn't sent them has going to send them thursday.. So I placed or older feb 2nd ran card the 3rd it's the 12th and still has not sent anything. Not even a receipt. I he says he will discount some parts on my next order for my trouble so I tell him I want the electronic power steering he tells me the best he can do the same as what they are selling it online for. So he won't even discount anything to try and makes this right. Its now the 13th and he asks me for my address again at 4oclock in the afternoon. So he still has not sent anything. He didn't fail to get my card information and run it back on the 3rd no. I have never dealt with a more unprofessional company personnel in my life. I will never order anything from them again. And I strongly urge no one else to either. Maybe after seeing this review they will take another look at how they run their business because I personally have 3 joyners and intended on purchasing thousands of dollars worth of stuff from them to build each one but they won't even discount a part to make it right. Or even expedite the shipping so I can finally get it sooner. Cuz I asked for that too since they still have not sent you know. Nope standard 2-3 is the best we can do he says. So everything I just said was from the 13th it's now the 14th and he still has not shipped. Just today alone rich said they shipped it should be there at your house. Then said fed ex screwed up about the 4th time he said fed ex screwed up. Long story short lie after lie he has told now the 14th no parts have shipped he still took my money. And will not let you talk to anyone else when you call so I assume he is the owner not sure but if someone besides rich owns this company and would like to talk please respond and I will gladly let you know how incompetent your employ Rich is. I have someone else call and ask to speak with someone else there and he will not let them ask how.much something is he tells him a different more expensive price than was advertised on website and he says I don't care what website says. Also says to him a guy pretending to want wheel bearings that he would like to order some he says China is on 2 week holiday and is not shipping. But advertises wheel bearing as German wheel bearings. Why are German wheel bearings coming from China. I'd like to add that now Feb 17th I have finally received refund after disputing the charges with my bank and have begun to receive threats on the 18th from the business owner who also apparently answers to Frankie but it's Mr Ricardo. That I need to take down my review or else. He subject line the email. See how you feel with them on your back better look over your back. But I think he means watch your back. Don't allow this man to bully you. If you have purchased something from him and feel mistreated or scammed please write a review and take the proper course of action" I know this has been a long read however, I feel that people should know what type of business SilverBullet Motorsports is. There are several other parts dealers both in the country and online that you as customer would be better off spending you money with. Cheers. Matt aka The Wrench
  8. Hello Fellow UTV Board members. I am the Matt that is mentioned above. I started working for SilverBullet in 2015 and spent a lot of time learning the ins and outs of the Joyner brand of utvs and side by sides. I have taken the time to learn the 800cc and 1100cc engines in and out. I spent almost a month tracing out all 82 circuits in the 800/1100 wiring harness (even though the ecu has like 142 pins iirc). The differentials for the trooper, renegade, and commando I have gone through the trial and (yes) error to learn what works and what doesn't (read as fail spectacularly). I recently ventured into the 650cc engine realm and started to learn how to make that boat anchor worth owning (i still dont know what the little white screw on the top of the carb does...). Now that you know a little bit about my history with SilverBullet on to the the present. I am currently a full time college student working on both a welding technology degree and an engineering degree. So, I do not work full time for SilverBullet anymore, however, when he needs my help I am willing to help him out part time as I have been doing since I started school last August. The community of Joyner owners (at least in my opinion) reach out to one another for information. I have no issues answering questions, or thoughts on ideas, however, I do still work part time for SilverBullet, so for engine rebuilds, differential upgrades, or (the not yet released) supercharger give SilverBullet a call or shoot him an email. As a side note, If you have an idea for something that is just "naughty" like a ported and polished high compression boosted fire breathin badass send the idea over and we can discuss how possible it is. Matt

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