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  1. Hey group, I am in the process of tearing out my dash to repaint in my 09 T2, has anyone found any alternate gauges(speed tach volt temp fuel) that work and don't cost an arm or leg?
  2. I am looking at buying the same starter for 168.00. Did it work out ok for you?
  3. Yea I tried all the parts stores they can't match up anything, all they have are round boots.
  4. I had to rebuild my steering box recently and need to replace the 2 square dust boots on the box. Joyner does not have them in stock and probably won't anytime soon. Does anyone know of an alternate replacement for these? Any help would be appreciated
  5. I just took a sample i pulled offline down to my local graphics company and they spit me out new ones
  6. fettman1176


  7. Hello fellow Joyner dudes, i am looking for any ideas or pics on some doors my Trooper fleet. Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. Yea I'm just trying to figure out how to order some shocks on there
  9. Can anyone explain how Alibaba works?
  10. Anyone know where to get new rear arms for T2?
  11. Anyone know where i can get a kit? Need rings, inserts, main bearings, oil pump, gasket set
  12. kandlinaz what did you do to fix the problem or does it still have the issue
  13. Hello there, I have 4 T2 troopers, 2 of them start and run like Champs, 2 of them have the issue. They will crank and crank but not start. Takes about 20 to 30 minutes to get them going, then they will run all day long and fire up at will every time. It's just the cold start they have a problem with. Since I have 2 that run good, I have swapped every part you can think of from the fuel system to ignition system with no success. I'm pretty stumped and am looking for any advice

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