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  1. Afternoon, Doing some much needed overdue maintenance on the Joyner T2. Believe mine is a 2011. In need of : - wheel bearings and seals (small and large) Outer 65x45x8 Inner 62x42x8 Bearing 02.D650.03.01.0005 - 65x35x35 - Inner tie rod joints D800. - Upper and lower ball joints S650. and I'm sure I'll uncover a few others as I continue the tear down What's the most reliable for parts now? - Casey Ye from China, assuming shipping cost and time would be higher. - Klung, China contact as well I believe. - MPSRacing.net - Is ordering from Joyner-USA working for folks? Address: 1650 E Riverview Dr Ste 110, Phoenix, AZ 85034 Phone: (602) 253-0283 Don't want it torn apart in the shop for too long. Is there a parts manual floating around for ordering the correct parts? I have a 2009 parts manual I believe, but there are definitely differences between that model and mine. Hate to order the wrong stuff. Thanks,

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