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  1. I rebuilt mine!! nothing different then a regular engine..
  2. Just Repainted my Trooper and was wondering if anyone has or can make the stickers for the tropper?? 800 357-2460 Rick
  3. Racinaround


  4. WOW Thanks for the Info!! I'll make some calls tomorrow
  5. Thanks For the great Pictures. Any Idea were to get the parts T Connector. T Stat Housing Etc. I have the hoses
  6. The Prick from Silver Bullet Stoll my Cylinder Head so Ordered One from China Now i seem to missing the thermostat housing and there two hole i need help identifying Anybody have parts?? or Pictures of what i need Thanks
  7. I called looking for parts and Rich told me to send my cylinder head to him because there complicated and he was real familiar with them and all the parts to repair it After a few weeks I called to see how it was going and we said it hadn't got there. I tracked it and it was delivered, so he yelled at someone there to check the back porch Wala it was there he said, he would get right on it as months went by and many phone calls from different numbers I have I could get thru but got hung up on or told ill call you right back. Then one day Phone number was unavailable, checked th
  8. Looks Like [email protected] is Gone None of us will ever get our parts back but at least he wont take anymore of our Money and Parts!!!
  9. @Kinarfi I was on board to follow your lead on my Trooper and looked up FOA Shocks on there site there $180 and when calling they want $320 each What one did you use??

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