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  1. More than likely his website was shut down due to my action against him. I politely and asked him many times to make things right with me and he continually lied and sidestepped.
  2. Yep. I gave him many months to make it right with me and all I got was the runaround. Turned it over to my banks fraud department. Advertising goods and taking money when you don’t have them is fraudulent misrepresentation and his website is a fraud As is he.
  3. As a follow up.......this guy has given me the run around for 2 months. I ordered per his instruction a rebuilt motor and have yet to see a tracking # just a bunch of bullshit. I’d say he is running a fraudulent website taking substantial money for parts he does not have. Reporting it as fraud on Monday and will get credit card company fraud division after him. What a letdown and really pisses a person off somebody is facilitating fraud in that way. He personally told me to make the payment which I did and the engine would be shipped within a week. What a douche bag.
  4. I just found it strange he was very available and informative pre-order and than immediately became unavailable. Requested either a shipping invoice or refund and have already started process for claim if either of those isn’t forthcoming.
  5. OK. That is good to know. Hard to tell as there are some very serious claims online concerning his business. I’m not talking about a $20 part but a substantial purchase and got very concerned after making the order and finding those claims.
  6. Buying from Silver bullet like sushi at a truck stop? Over the years seeing him on this forum I assumed he was legit but now I am seeing lots of negative feedback. Selling engines you don’t have and taking money on a website for false inventory is fraud. Not sure if that is the case or not but getting sinking feeling it might be the case after making an order yesterday and getting no follow up or response immediately to my calls for clarification. Anybody with experience?
  7. Thanks for input. Will check compression again. Was good not long ago. What is cost for a rebuild? Do you have rebuilts in stock with core charge? Hopefully that’s not the issue but we will see. Still interested if anybody knows what the plug is.
  8. 2009 Joyner T4: Starts fine when it is warm but in cold weather won't start. Turns over fine but won't fire. I read somewhere there are 2 sensors for coolant temp that ECU reads to adjust air/fuel. Once warmed up it starts easily and runs great. TPS and IAC both good and cleaned air temperature gauge on side of intake. I noticed this connector and don't see which sensor it hooks to. Engine compression is good. This connection is Left side of engine in wiring bundle and it has power when I turn ignition on. Red/White and Green/White wires. Where does it connect anybody know?. Thanks!
  9. I have a 2008 rear differential off of a Joyner T4 that I sent in to Lenny which he installed his upgrade kit in. It is for sale now on Ebay. Steve K.
  10. Anybody know where I can get a rebuild kit for my Joyner T4 1000 engine? Thanks. Steve
  11. From Billings, MT, filter is a K&N style out of dirt with sleeve, I suspect engine was dusted before I got it. Where can I find an engine rebuild kit? Will watch it, but think that is indeed the case. (Yes, that is the case......thank you all for the help trouble shooting)
  12. OK, I will check compression again cranking it 5 plus, don't remember how many cranks I did. I put a snorkel on up and out of the dust, but the same filter. Bigger filter? Not enough air? Have a feeling I need a rebuild. Suggestions as to who to send to? Where to get rebuild kit? Thanks.
  13. We'll see what happens after it has sat for awhile and cold.

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