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Chery 1100 Rebuild Kit


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Where are you located? I have a guy in Phoenix that is doing my rebuild. He is putting low comp pistons, turbo and a Ron Davis RAD in for me. Just part's with low comp. pistons and machine work is around $1,300.00. I know he has a few sources that he gets parts from. JCM, silver bullet motorsports.

30" Mud lights w/ ITP bead lock wheels

King coil over's

master craft seats

crow 5 point harness

custom paint

Racing Pro comp lighting

Up graded axels, Differentials, brakes

500W stereo

custom front bumper

top rack

wish list for near future

power steering

Ridged LED light bars

Roktane XD 32" tires

reinforced roll cage w/ doors.

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I can't get any answer from Joyner usa or klung motor so right now I'm just considering and talked with other one member here about doing an engine/trans swap I'm considering an Honda set up because they can be 110-150 hp on stock engine and their transmission can be spooled to lock it together like the t2's is currently. I'm in planning and research stages right now but if i do go that route i will take pictures and record information.

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We have made a deal with the Chery Motor company of China .We can offer UTV members a 20 % discount on all Chery motors parts.Any thing you need for 1100cc-800cc-even 650 motor parts.You must tell us you are a UTV Board Member.Includes Joyner, Renli, Reeper,and John Deer 825I motors.All the parts are original Chery Parts No after market parts.


928 344 2117 ask for Matt

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We are a Chery Motor corporation partner.We carry only Chery motor parts in stock.Yes in the USA in Yuma Az.We have stock pistons and over size bearing .Why buy from a foreign company.Spend your hard earned money in the USA.Any problem you have a technician from 9:00Am to 5:00PM.MST. To answer your question 928 373 8330.We are the oldest Joyner dealer in the world!Give us a call 928 344 2117 ask for Matt.We carry all the parts that Joyner is discontuno so you can get a few more years out of your buggy.

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lease contact Nick or John at McCoy Motorsports for all your Renli parts and questions.

McCoy Motorsports
606-432-1556 Phone
606-437-0083 Fax
559 N Mayo TRL
PIKEVILLE KY 41501-3897
(606) 432-1556

Please contact Eric at Prattville Powersports for all your Joyner parts and questions.

Prattville Powersports LLC
334-361-3988 Store
334-361-3949 Fax
1548 Highway 82W
Prattville, AL 36067

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We have rebuilt over 100 Joyner Motors.Including 650cc,800cc,1100cc, motors.Over the years we have learn many ways to get high power and reliably from you motor.We have custom options to get Max.H/P from all Joyner Motors.Just made a new custom camshafts for even more torque with out removing the head.We supply cams and shims for each valve.If you have some experience you can do it.We have custom forged pistons made in the USA.We have a new .070 over size piston.We have bored 6 motors and had them sonic tested to make sure you a reliable motor with no overheating.Thar is no shop in the county that can do a better rebuild than us.From Stock to all out Performance.

Thank You


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