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  1. we also have 650,800,1100 buggy parts, utv parts ,all different brands .thanks .
  2. David .How shame you are ! you are just the america that want cheat our parts . you make the payment by paypal and chargeback. I will let everyone know how bad you are .
  3. We now have some parts in New York port. 6 joyner differentials ( 1 renegade front ,1 renegade rear , 1 trooper front,3 trooper rear) and 2 1100 chery ECU ,2 throttle position sensor, 1 valve cover. we want to sell them compeletely in cost price. IF you are interested ,I will send you the BIll of loading details Thank you .
  4. Now. the NEW limited slip fuction differential for joyner troopers and renegade are available !!!! We can supply the ORIGINAL trooper front and rear differential which has been upgraded and no factory flaws. 100% installed joyner models guranatee. Dealer wanted. paypal accpeted.
  5. well. We checked with the supplier in the beginning of this month . THey says they still need two months . Sorry. It is a little strange .
  6. well, it is a pity to see more dealers discontinued with joyner UTVs. They must have got very bad support from China .
  7. ok. Thank you for your support .I feel the courage and confidence. I am just be here to be honest with you. the customers. I would be your another eye for what is exactly happening in this buggy ,UTV world ,either in U.S. and China. Regarding the return policy , I promise that we return the moeny 100% if there is a serious quality issue or wrong part, dealy ,or not sent . Thanks.
  8. well. Thanks for your advice to our work . We are fully open minded to your ideas. First of all ,we want to say that we want to do some good things to this community ,do some good to everybody. The buggy and UTV industry is what we live ,work and love. I don't care what other companies did but we care ourselves. we care our NAME. We care our reputation . For the customers , we want to fix their problem and provide them better value products and service. We don't want bring a new problem to them and we confirm them everything before shipment and get the money by PAYPAL. For the importe
  9. ok. We will talk this with the axle supplier and try to get some improvements of CV boots. I see there is a design to add a sheet metal ahead the axle to protect the boots.
  10. The front and rear diff we are using on our 1100cc 4x4 is the same as joyner 1100cc trooper differ.
  11. just give us the engine parts code ,we will can get 650cc sand spider engine parts for you .

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