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  2. I have known Jose from when he was with SB, & know what he went thru,& still is dealing with somewhat.. I agree there have been some long delays,that should have been handled better. I know what kind of person Jose is, I trust him completely,did,& will continue to.He has helped me out of some bad situations, but I in return have helped him too. This young man has taken on a big,tough transaction,& is trying his hardest." Communication" is what really needs to happen to resolve these issues. Jose is trying to make this business work, it is his livelyhood,so I know he is trying. I have tried to buy some parts from him & he said no,not until I find parts that are what I feel good enough..I appreciate that attitude. I will continue to do business with him, & hope others do too. "Jose" get the communication line going better.I know you are trying. I would trust Jose to have my back anytime!! If all the people who have had a good experience with SB, since Jose took over were on this forum,or would just post when they are happy, the count would be different...People who haven't dealt with Jose, have no place even commenting on his business. When I left the 1st of May, this yr, Jose had not even got into his new location completely,plus setting up & straightening out old & new wholesalers.very hard for young new business man,just starting out.I have had him & Q his mechanic both work on my trooper,& couldn't be more pleased, Quig from Idaho
  3. Jose at Silverbullet is great guy, just trying to catch up with old business,& run new business..... He is doing great job, just takes little time to get it all in order......Quig, from Idaho
  4. http://www.lannmarker.com/
  5. Congrats on new location. Hope your new adventure goes well. Having already met you & done business with you,I have no doubt you will be a great asset to Joyner owners, Wish you much success! Quig
  6. Lenny, sent you pm,,,, please call me,208 308 4112
  7. That would work,, but who has the gears?
  8. I'm going by shop sat. morning will ck about bolts & pin. Lenny did you get my pm?
  9. I was able to drive it about 20 miles to get back to mh. But could hear noise in rear of trooper,so I took it real easy. I'm not even a pretend mechanic, so my young bud tore into it,he's the one that overhauled motor for me. Anyway, several of the bolts inside were broken off,or loose. Part of tooth gone on one gear. Some small metal pieces mixed in oil ,little piece of housing was worn off. It had the upgrade almost 2 yrs ago, but can't say as to if it was put in correctly? All the work that that mechanic had done on trooper was great,but I think that was his 1st diff upgrade.I was climbing steep loose hill,with all 4 locked in,when I 1st heard noise.It was more of hill than I normally try,but it was the way to get home. Question? when the co. says they are upgraded differentials, what have they done? Should I still use Lenny's upgrade ?
  10. Would do any of the mentioned,, can't find any on ebay,, would love to get yours Roc, then pay Lenny to do upgrade, would be set,, but? Don't know how to make happen,,,
  11. Well, tore my rear diff up, now can't find one!! Would like to get one quick,getting ready to go back to Idaho. Anyone have any ideas? Tried JMC, Silverbullet,nolimits, help!!!!
  12. Rear, Talked to Steve at Afco, he said not a problem, he would rebuild free,, that made me real happy.

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