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  2. You can look at the John Deere gator 825 it s a 3 cylinder looks exacty the same less one cylinder might have same pistons
  3. Looking for a light bar. I seen your it looks awesome but I don't have a clue how to build one. Do the lummins look right for the size of them and what type are good for off road light Spot beam or flood beam.
  4. Has anyone used the led lights from dhgate.com the price it right wondering if they are any good.the lights and the company
  5. I run a optima as well but if you don't want to do any fab John Deere 4100 tractor has same size maybe easier to find one for that or if you go to John Deere they have good batteries not bad price
  6. Looks like Joyner is a division of lannmarker they have a landmax t2 it's exactly the same and looks like they will ship anything parts one unit or a c can full
  7. Has anyone tried to get parts from Lannmarker?
  8. They are a good buggy but they need help with a few things I use mine in Canada like a swamp donkey drive the hell out of it you will be surprised what they go threw I run 30 inch XXl and don't think I would go any bigger for mud I would do diff upgrade no matter what year it is it will be better the lockers are good but need to be adjusted properly all wiring and fues need dielectric grease and move rad up on the bed or it will heat snorkel it for a start make sure the safety stuff was dune then read all posts they are easy to work on if you don't mind doing it and the super atv power stee
  9. The toughest atv tire is interco black mamba but they are heavy as hell with a mud tred
  10. They make all kinds of kits for snowmobiles as small as 440 for sure that I have seen google nos for snowmobile mite help you out
  11. I called ECI this morning they have a new pressure multiplier coming out in the next month or two it will be more versatile the engineer was at a trade show he will be in Monday he will explain if it will work for the trooper application. Does anyone know what the size the old first 50 brake calipers were
  12. Has anyone tried a brake pressure multiplier (bpm) I seen one made by ECI engineered components inc. looks like it is what the trooper needs I think the price was 160 or so
  13. As far as I know the front is still u joint and it works fine. there is grease hole in the end caps of the joint That lots of people don't no about use a large needle on your grease gun and the joints will last a long time there is also one on centre bearing regular grease nipple may need to be modified to get any grease in it

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