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Led lights


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LEDs can be simple or you can complicate them with drivers that hold the current constant regardless of the input voltage, battery only ~ 12.6V and engine running ~14.1, if simple, they will dim some on battery or idle and then get brighter as the engine revs up past idle and the alternator comes up, that's what I did on the 48 LED in the gallery, but my light bar has drivers on it to keep the light constant. If you want to build you own, buy the 3 watt LED, lenses and some 2" X 1" or 2" X 1/8" aluminum channel and mount the LEDs in paralleled strings of 4. BTW, LEDs do not make for spots very well, but great coverage, I,ll have to do a video of mine one of these days. I also made a set of 2 lights with 12 3watt LEDs each for my son's RZR and he loves them.

PM me if you want.


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Guest Lenny

Take a look at this.


There seems to be some concern when you type the name phgate.com into google. I don't think I would place a big order with them. I would start sm all. As above, you can deal direct but the prices you see are FOB China. You would have to check with Fed Express or UPS about shipping and duties. Led lights are getting real cheap. The lights from China I seen at the SEMA show look really well built. Rather they work good or not, I can't say but their exterior look resembles some of the really nice looking extruded and black anodized aluminum flash lights your starting to see. First class professional looking.


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