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  1. Tinman


  2. You mentioned two different sets here. I take it the bottom info is for the rear shocks?
  3. Anyone have relatively new or in great shape rear shocks they want to sell me? Live near Miami? I also have a ton of new spares: wheel bearings, clutch, timing belt, etc... if anyone wants a list with prices, please email
  4. I mean, only when you're in 4x4? if so, it could simply be your diff lock cable is out of adjustment, even if you didn't use the diif lock. the adjustment is finicky and it will clunk loudly every once in a while if the asjustment is out.
  5. Does it c'unl when you have the 4x4 on only? it can be the diff locker adjustment.
  6. Did you take apart the fuse holder behind the seat? when my pump went, i checked those wires and a good third had melted together. You likely have a bad short, and somehow the winch is giving power through the short to the pump and fan, which are linked.
  7. Thanks Hardy and Kinarfi. 2nd gear is ok but not great. I have to give it a half-second, but when I do, it doesn't grind. Everything shifts fine, which is weird. I'll keep looking. we're usually out every week in th mountains, and wife gets antsy when something pops up... I'll post the issue once I find it
  8. I'll get right to the issue in the hopes someone else has come across this: on my T2 1100 (20,000 miles on original clutch), driving up a climb in third gear, power is interrupted as if there's a missing tooth on the gear or the spline is worn down and the gear slips. I hear no grinding. Just a sudden power 'hiccup'. Neither seems likely, but I can't explain the issue. Checked: differentials. changed the oil, no metal pieces and oil runs clean. Nothing on drain plug magnets. I will be doing the same to transmission oil... This happens on 4x4. Not sure if it happens on 2 wheel drive, as i
  9. I had my carbon canister get loaded up with fuel and plugged. No air was getting into the tank, creating a vacuum. Try unscrewing your gas cap. it's stupid, but worked for me. I chucked my carbon canister.
  10. My fan's always on. Stock fan was drawing too many amps - kept blowing my 15amp fuse. Went aftermarket, and am on my second 3000cu fan. Bring a new spare fan with me just n case, together with my spare fuel pump, spare wheel bearing, spare ...
  11. Did the interposing relay, but still had problems. So i: removed starter and dissassembled. water had gotten in and one brush was seized. easy fix. Who designed the intake? idiot. flipped it upside down. Now, i can get to the starter easily, plus the MAS doesn't get crammed with mud. Moved the starter cable from the cutoff switch to the battery direct. Why complicate things? Everything works good so far...
  12. Had the same prob. Nearly lost my rear swingarm on an uphill loose gravel climb. luckily, i knew a guy with a 70's landcruiser jacked three feet high and a 10 ton mech whinch. He got behind me, lifted my rear end off the ground and drove 20ks to get me home. Felt like i lost my virginity with that one, haha
  13. Lucky you. i hear a bag of rocks everywhere. And yes, I did re-lube my cv joints after changing boots.
  14. Decided to do some changes. Tons of mud here 8 months of the year, so I added: Doors. They fold down, which makes it easy to get in and out, and safer if they open accidentally. A Half windshield which can be fully closed for the torrential rain. Drop down side windows made of clear plastic. Changed rear fenders to aluminum, after snapping my rear suspension off and shredding everything plastic. Beefed up rear suspension where it bolts to frame. A fold down rear facing rear seat. Lots of smaller stuff, not worth mentioning. See pics below
  15. I agree Kinarfi. I've worked on high performance cars and motorcycles, and they always do when I dump the clutch. Motorcycle clutches are different, but they work the same way. I think I will add the springs. Just have to print Lenny's pic of the throw out bearing fork upgrade. Wife is with me on most of my trips, so it has to be reliable, just so I don't hear the 100 question interrogation as I try to fix the machine. As an aside, on my last trip, something unusual happened - three different failures: #1 a short circuit that cut out my fuel pump and #2 my rad fan. Only found out the tota

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