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  2. Well all seems good. She is running fine and no temp issues. My sughestion to all Hisen engine owners is to check the head bolt torque and make sure it is with specs. My mechanic found mine were not and caused the head gasket to blow. Now to figure out how to quiet here down which is my only complaint since day 1.
  3. Picked it up yesterday and so far so good. Replaced the waterpump also just in case and was able to use a Yamaha head gasket. Seems to be circulating properly and runs good so fingers crossed!!!
  4. Thanks! The wife uses it alot so thinking the temp monitor is not a bad idea. I did the same on my snowmobiles and has been great. You can watch the temp start to creap up so you can take action before you run into an issue. I dont hqve a voltmeter either so will add that at same time.
  5. Fingers crossed! Mechanic says its running great so only time will tell. I think I will add a heat gauge so I can watch it and not have to wait on a light.
  6. Well wish me luck. After a new head, waterpump, intake manifold cover and Yamaha head gasket I pick the beast up tomorrow. Told it runs great and should be ready to go. Have my fingers crossed!
  7. I have a 17 crew but dont have the same issue at all. Did you check to see if something is bent or needs adjustment. Also make sure to read up on the oil level issues and keep the right amount in it.
  8. Grewt to hear! I just dropped new head and water pump off at the mechanic. He is swamped but hoping to get it back in a week. He is going to get a Yamaha gasket and see if it will work in lieu of the Hisun. Fingers crossed. Did they figure what caused yours to go bad in the beginning?
  9. Great. I have the gasket kit already. I will see about getting the yamaha one. Thanks for the tip.
  10. Yeah based on your experience I ordered the waterpump with the head. What was the problem that yours had to go back after they replaced the waterpump?
  11. Well got report back on my 750. Blown head gasket and warped head. The mechanic found the head bolts were not torqued correctly and thinks it caused the head to warp and gasket failure.
  12. Awesome news! What did they find this last time around. Mine is in shop now with head coming off next.
  13. Thats more than odd! Did waterpump not work before causing the overheat and cracked head? Was the waterpump leaking for them to say it is bad?
  14. Not yet. Just got off phone with the shop trying to get it in. Im pretty sure it is same issue as you either a gasket or head. Thing runs fine with no signs of a problem other than antifreeze disappearing and then overheat. Sadly I love the machine just not the headaches.

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