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  1. Its possible he didnt get all the air out. My dealer first said it takes 2 or 3 times to purge it sometimes. Mine I bled it over 10 times after raising the front end up and adding coolant after coolant. The only symptom I could find is air bubbles in coolant tank. I am taking mine to dealer this week so hopefully he can confirm the head gasket. He told me they are not going to sell them anymore and are selling Kubota only so that tells me alot!!
  2. Welcome to my world. When you fill and bleed it check for bubbles coming up in reserve tank. Mine is doing same exact thing. 99% sure its head gasket. I spoke to dealer and he has 3 in shop now with overheat issues and the motors are bad. If I am lucky and its only a gasket im selling it while Im ahead and will get a Canam.
  3. Thanks. I did see that and wonder if the 750 is the same but just bigger.
  4. Its starts and runs fine. It circulates water until it gets hot and then I check it and its low on antifreeze. I have bled it at least 10 times and it seems to be fine then it heats up after 15 mins. No smoke and no water coming out exhaust. I pulled the plug and its brown as it should be. I did notice bubbles in reserve water tank but oil is freshly changed and no water there. Based on the bubbles and continuous loss of water I fear its a gasket. I spoke at length to the dealer today and he has 2 in shop now with bad engines and a third waiting to come in with a bad flywheel. They stopped selling them because of bad engine issues. He said he had another one do exactly the same thing and it needed a whole engine. I am praying Im wrong or its just a gasket. 😔
  5. Okay mine isnt fixed. The light came on again today. Thinking head gasket.
  6. Yes for sure. If it needs a gasket I will have it done. I saw what it takes to do one and keeping everything straight with the timing looks like a nightmare.
  7. No it was fine. Drove it over 100 miles with no problem. I am thinkimg more and more you are right that it is a head gasket. Strange though I would think you would smell it in the exhaust.
  8. No i.warranty is only a year and I bought it used.
  9. Oh when it is circulating the fan does work but that is when the rad and hoses are hot.
  10. No the fan does not run because the rad and front hoses are cool. The rad cap seals tight but not sure how to check it. I am also not familiar with a leak down test. What is so strange is it I bleed it and it circulates. When I run it then it seems to not at high rpms and gets hot.
  11. Well when it first happened the radiator and hoses were cool so there was no flow. I fojnd when i pulled the bleeder screw on the thermostat type housing there was no water and it was super hot. I pulled the plug off the sensor on the housing and the light went out. Connected it back and light xame back on. I filled radiator and bled it and got flow again. I ran it and hoses and radiator got hot and fan started. I thought I had fixed it but after running it around for 10 minutes it got hot again. Checked and again no water at thermostat housing bleeder. Added water and rebled with flont end elevated. Again hoses got hot and fan came on and 10 minutes of running and same thing. Radiator and hoses cool again. I checked for leaks and all tight. Checked exhaust for smell of antifreeze and nothing. Checked oil for antifreeze and nothing. I am stumped. Engine starts and runs fine. No leaks found and seems to circulate water initially but then stops. I have a hard time believing its a water pump but I am runnkng out of ideas. Oh I also flushed radiator and lines and no obstructions found.
  12. Having same issue with my 750. I have flushed entire system and bled it over and over. It gets hot and no water in thermostat housing. I find no leaks, no water in oil, and no smell of antifreeze in exhaust. Thinking waterpump but its not leaking and thinking there is not anything in the pump to mess up.
  13. Good luck. I fixed mine 2 days ago and have run it hard up and down road and seemed good but have not hit trails yet which will be the real test.

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