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  1. johnney

    2011 yardsport ys 400

    yes both clutches where oem and I replace the one way bearing and the outer hub came with the new wet clutch
  2. johnney

    2011 yardsport ys 400

    no one has gotten back to me
  3. johnney

    2011 yardsport

    thanks for the help, but that is not the clutch for this machine . this is the clutch
  4. johnney

    2011 yardsport

    I got ahold of hisun out of texas, they told me it is because of the oil I've been using........ I was using regular sae 30 weight , they told be it has to be wet clutch oil or motor cycle or oils used in diesel engine .............. who would have thunk
  5. johnney

    2011 yardsport ys 400

    need help , got a 2011 menards ys 400 and I can't keep a wet clutch in it. does anyone have any ideas WHY .... just got a new one for it today ......... afraid to put it in
  6. johnney

    2011 yardsport

    here is a pic. of it javascript:;javascript:;
  7. johnney

    2011 yardsport ys 400

    does anyone know anything about wet clutches I've went through 2 of them in less than 250 miles. HELP
  8. johnney

    2011 yardsport

    anyone out there an expert on wet clutches I've went through 2 of them in less 150 miles and don't know why. is it because of the oil I'm using or what
  9. johnney

    acv diaphram

    want to thank you travis, I did finaly find one in texas , but thanks for thr help
  10. johnney

    acv diaphram

    thanks travis
  11. johnney

    acv diaphram

    does anyone know where I could get this part no. acv diaphram part no .16136-f12-0000