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  1. yes it does but I don't know where it should bet set
  2. i have a 2011 ys 400 when I start it cold it revs real high and when it warms up it won't idle, ive'e been through the carb twice and cleaned out the gas tank , still no change HELP............................................. JOHN IN MN.
  3. johnney


  4. does anyone know if this ys 400 has any electrical part that meters the fuel, can't this thing to idle at all, been through the carb twice. any help would appreciated
  5. i got a 2011 yard sport ys 400 and it 's loading up I had the carb off and cleaned it no it loads up don't know which way to turn the air idle screw to lean it out HELP
  6. all I can say is thank you so much for the help it was deeply appreciated thanks john stewart mn.
  7. but if you have the no.s for both halves would be great
  8. thank you , those part no. s are the wet clutch , do you have the no.s for the secondary clutch all I really need is for the secondary sliding sleeve thanks for all your help
  9. if you could get me the wet clutch part n. to would be deeply appreciated thank you so much for the help
  10. My secondary clutch was junk, would a secondary clutch from a 350 grizzly fit 2007-2011
  11. thank you , I will try that ,
  12. yes both clutches where oem and I replace the one way bearing and the outer hub came with the new wet clutch
  13. no one has gotten back to me
  14. thanks for the help, but that is not the clutch for this machine . this is the clutch
  15. I got ahold of hisun out of texas, they told me it is because of the oil I've been using........ I was using regular sae 30 weight , they told be it has to be wet clutch oil or motor cycle or oils used in diesel engine .............. who would have thunk

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