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  1. Jon


  2. My steering suddenly has gotten extremely hard to turn. Any fuses, fluid etc that are logical to check first? Thanks. Jon
  3. Yea mine has the same open rubber elbow. I had posted a picture in one of my first posts asking if that my be my source of fumes. No one seemed worried about it and asked if warm air is coming out which it is. So I assume it’s normal. Jon
  4. Put in neutral before shifting to 4wd. johnny L did you get the Noico material installed? I got mine delivered this week and will try to install tomorrow. My exhaust gasket was lost in shipping so I reordered from Cub. Jon
  5. So I did find multiple leaks on my exhaust pipe, and muffler. None were easy to see until pipe was removed. I’ve epoxied them with high temp stuff and will try today to see if it’s taken care of the problem totally. Parts seem hard to get. I’d ordered exhaust manifold gasket from supplier on this forum, but it’s delayed delivery at least a week from projected delivery date. Thanks for the replies. Jon
  6. In an effort to solve my cab noise and exhaust fume issue on my 2017 550, I’m trying to remove seat backs to apply sound dampening material. Do the phillips screws from the back window hold them on? Jon
  7. Let me know how it does. After your post I researched youtube and went to 3 bigbox hardwares to get self sticking aluminum insulation roll but nobody had. I do have an exhaust pipe gasket ordered to see if that cuts down exhaust smell. Jon
  8. So I ordered a new exhaust pipe metal gasket from the helpful link/parts schematic on this forum. We’ll see if this helps with exhaust smell. I’ll also try to insulate and sound dampen under seat between motor and cab.
  9. And did that seem to help with exhaust smell and/or noise? I sure appreciate the info. Jon
  10. Yea I agree. I thought it was uncomfortable to operate. I took pedal out and drilled holes in it to attach metal plate that I shaped to extend the pedal. That helped but I still ended up putting a board under pedal to rest my heel and elevate my heel and that’s helped more. I’m not short, 6 ‘1/2” So I don’t understand who these are designed for. Jon
  11. And did that seem to help with exhaust smell and/or noise? I sure appreciate the info. Jon
  12. Nope not familiar with smoke test but will research. Appreciate it. Jon. Does the exhaust manifold have a donut asbestos type gasket that would be easy to replace?

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