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  1. Only thing that concerns me like with the Joyner is the lack of aftermarket support
  2. Hey everyone I'm new to the Polaris seen. I have had a Joyner trooper for years but I am purchasing rzr 570 anything I should know would be great thanx
  3. charlie


    Havnt done it yet wanted just idea what it looks like on the inside and the locker
  4. I'm getti gone has a lot done to it any tips or tricks would be great
  5. What do u mean we lost JMC they don't do Joyner parts anymore???
  6. Does anyone have a pic of what our duffs look like inside with the locker still on them
  7. Hey anyone have a rzr 570 if so how is it holding up how are you riding it any issues?
  8. Thanx for the reply Jeff and silver bullet guess I'll be pulling mine apart and ordering what I need to get it done. One thing I love about the trooper is you don't see any of them on the trails here I just wish I had some guys like you all around to help me wrench
  9. Well 2015 troopers huh that gives me some hope. Such a love hate relationship with them. Jeff why did you decide to go for another trooper why not something different something there is more support for
  10. You can use the boots from a 97-2004 Subaru inner axle boot they are cheap and fit a little tighter I have two on my trooper for yrs now. Can't help you with the wiring. As far as a top goes I used a piece of 3/4 plywood sealed it and painted it cost 30$. Welcome and congrats
  11. A new trooper kinarfi??? What are you gonna do with your old and and what is new like a 2014 or 2015
  12. Dan it's the diff errrr hey who's running silver bullets now I called and it was Rick but I see someone namedatt has been responding here
  13. I also thought could be the diff but that has been rebuilt and the fluid looks pretty good
  14. Help I know I read on here some were that people drilled there spindles the put bigger bolts in to keep the ball joint stud tighter I can't find the post on what exactly was done and what size bolt was used?? I have been trying to figure this noise out in my front end that's heard mostly when turning and turning left. I have new bearing and ball joints but I did notice that were the balljoints stud goes in after the bolt is threw it I have players not the ball joint it's the stud moving in the spindle and its looser on the right side. Please help Charlie

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