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  2. I'm trying to figure out if the fuel level sensor tube is 200mm or 190mm. Does anyone know? I need to buy a replacement.
  3. Hey bigdan I'm also in PA. PM me if you get a chance. I need to find a new fuel level sensor assembly and I remember reading that NAPA makes a pretty decent universal replacement. I'd much rather the OEM but I had also read that they were junk.
  4. Anybody konw of any delaers on the East coast? In PA preferably?
  5. Hey all, Not new to forums but new to this one. Just picked up a Joyner T2 and looking to make a couple of upgrades. I finally was able to locate a half decent wiring diagram but if anyone has one I'd sure appreciate another one ( the one I downloaded is ok but zooming in blurs the font). I'd like to put a hard top on it. I'm not aware of anyone that makes one. I was just gonna attempt to cut out part of an old truck bed liner. I also need to replace the boots on it and I read somewhere that the boots for a '96 GEO Metro will work? Also, I have no idea what year it is. I've looked all

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