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  1. Howdy, I live in Minden, Nevada. Where in Southern California are you located. I have a 2008 Trooper T2. Finding someone to work on it is very difficult.
  2. I purchased Grp # 551MF from Batteries Plus. Approx. $100.00.
  3. Looking for a replacement alternator with better bearings. My rebuilt original one, the bearings failed after less than fifty engine hours.
  4. WRGENOA is looking for a replacement alternator my Joyner Trooper T2, The dead one is a 75amp unit. I would like to upgrade to 100 amp. The local NAPA parts house does not have a cross reference for the Chinese alternator. ALSO while being towed back to our base camp, the tow vehicle kicked up a pebble that took out one of the overhead off-road lamps. Any sugesstions on replacements of either one is appreciated.
  5. Thank you for the inormation on a source for fuel tank sender replacement for my trooper t2. wrgenoa
  6. Need a source for replacement of fuel tank guage sensor.

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