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  1. Sean1388

    exhaust pipe modification

    Sounds awesome! Wish I didn't have to hunt out of mine or my old lady would be getting the same treatment Nice vid --- I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?nvi055
  2. Sean1388

    Wet sounds

    I'm sure a professional could have done a little better but that's all this little west Texas kid can do --- I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?svlqfg
  3. Sean1388

    Wet sounds

    Just got the new wet sounds stereo installed under 3 of my 4 seats. Unfortunately the gas tank is a little too large for me to fit my 4th speaker in the back so I had to double up on the rear drivers side. Sounds great hope to have pictures up when I get back from the ranch!
  4. Sean1388

    couple buggy pics

  5. Sean1388

    Wheels, tires, and fenders for t4

    Thanks a lot guys! I work crazy ours as you can tell, so I really dont get to have a lot of me/buggy time. I'll start looking into these tires. Also, do y'all have any suggestions on fenders, because like I said earlier I really need them for the dog pear and thorns we go through during a guided hunt. I really do appreciate all the help Sean M P.S. ive been looking for a roof rack for my buggy. I'm a pretty good welder but I've seen picture of what looks like a pre made rack for the trooper. Im an automation tech trying to get my company off the ground and with 65 employees it's really hard to find time to bend pipe. As I've said before, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  6. Sean1388

    Wheels, tires, and fenders for t4

    Bruhaw, That's perfect I really appreciate it. If you're ever in west teaxas and want a rio bravo river/buggy run look me up. Sean M.
  7. Sean1388

    Wheels, tires, and fenders for t4

    Thanks for the reply but I was really looking for more of a BFF all terrain 10-ply if at all possible. Definitely appreciate the posts
  8. Hey guys, I run a lot of country appx. 22 sections in Dryden Texas on the rio grande. I was looking to get some tires that can handle the rocky rugged desert terrain , and was looking for some suggestions. Also, we travel through countless patches of dog pear, and do not want myself or my friends getting bombarded with the spiny little bastards at 50+ mph. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Sean M.
  9. Sean1388

    Noise in the front end

  10. Sean1388

    Noise in the front end

    Lenny if you get this my tie rods do have a slight rattle too, I would greatly appreciate it if you could show me how to repair that and/or sell me the mod that rococo told me about. Thanks one again for the help! Sean
  11. Sean1388

    Noise in the front end

    That goes for you roc as well as Lenny
  12. Sean1388

    Noise in the front end

    I've got them on the way thanks a ton for the help
  13. Sean1388

    Noise in the front end

    @ plumber What did you do to fix it? It looks to be the same problem
  14. Sean1388

    Noise in the front end

    Found that out the hard way. My rear seat came loose last night and damn near fell out. So I've checked every bolt that buggy has to offer.
  15. Sean1388

    Noise in the front end

    Thanks a lot I'll check on that this evening