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Wheels, tires, and fenders for t4

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Hey guys, I run a lot of country appx. 22 sections in Dryden Texas on the rio grande. I was looking to get some tires that can handle the rocky rugged desert terrain , and was looking for some suggestions. Also, we travel through countless patches of dog pear, and do not want myself or my friends getting bombarded with the spiny little bastards at 50+ mph.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Sean M.

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Hey guys, I run a lot of country appx. 22 sections in Dryden Texas on the rio grande. I was looking to get some tires that can handle the rocky rugged desert terrain , and was looking for some suggestions. Also, we travel through countless patches of dog pear, and do not want myself or my friends getting bombarded with the spiny little bastards at 50+ mph.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Sean M.

These will be my next tire I have the sti mud trax and I have been happy with him http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/43/81/165/723/-/-/796623/STI-Black-Diamond-XTR-Radial-ATV-Tire-27x11-14?ref=gmc
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Go with the ITP Bajacross which is an 8 ply tire. Good all terrain tire and will last. Look it up and read the reviews and info on it. Only up to size 27 I think maybe 28 at the most. Very good tire though if you are looking for thickness and all terrain.

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Guest Lenny

I run Mickey Thompson Baja Claws, 31x10.5-15s. I like the tire but they arn't wearing well. For the little mileage they get, they are still lasting a long time. The side walls are thin and I have patched them a few times because of side punctures. For sand dunes, I'll run 5psi in the fronts and six on the rear left and 7.5 on the rear right. They all bulge out the side at the ground the same at these pressures. The rear right is a bit heavier. For the trails I like to run 2 to 3 psi more per tire. Softer tires does soften the ride a lot.


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Thanks a lot guys! I work crazy ours as you can tell, so I really dont get to have a lot of me/buggy time. I'll start looking into these tires. Also, do y'all have any suggestions on fenders, because like I said earlier I really need them for the dog pear and thorns we go through during a guided hunt.

I really do appreciate all the help

Sean M

P.S. ive been looking for a roof rack for my buggy. I'm a pretty good welder but I've seen picture of what looks like a pre made rack for the trooper. Im an automation tech trying to get my company off the ground and with 65 employees it's really hard to find time to bend pipe. As I've said before, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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